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DJ Trance & Fester – Fester Trance 4




Fester Trance 4, released September 1996 in a limited edition of 250 copies, is the fourth in a series of 4 collaborative mixed tapes by DJ Trance and Fester. Be sure to listen to the first, second, and third mixtapes from this series.

DJ Trance – Fester Trance 4


Fester – Fester Trance 4


DJ Trance & Fester – Fester Trance 3




Fester Trance 3, released in February 1994, is the third in the series of 4 collaborative mixed tapes by DJ Trance and Fester. Be sure to listen to the first mixtape and second mixtape from the series if you haven’t already.

DJ Trance – Frozen Toothpaste


Fester – Brainfart


DJ Trance & Fester – Trance Fester 2




Trance Fester 2 (Splat Mission), released in October 1992 (18 years ago!), is the second in the series of 4 collaborative mixed tapes by DJ Trance and Fester. If you haven’t listened to the first tape from this series, which was added to the site almost 2 years ago, do yourself a favor and go listen to it now.

DJ Trance – Strictly Hardcore


Fester – “Hap-e-ness”


DJ Trance & Fester – Trance Fester 1




This mixed tape was released by DJ Trance (a.k.a. Jason Blakemore) and DJ Fester, in June of 1992, and was the first of four tapes they made together. If you were going to clubs like No Doz, Dare and What? back in 1992 chances are you wore out one of these tapes.

The tracklisting below is mostly complete, with some “I don’t knows” and some “I can’t remembers” here and there; several between “House Nation” and “Let It Move You”, on the Fester side. If you can fill in any blanks please post IDs in the comments.

DJ Trance – Trance Fester 1:


Fester – Trance Fester 1:


Some of the tracks in these mixes:

DJ Trance Side
Boyzland & Wagga T – Coming On Strong
Lighter Shade Of Brown – Latin Active (Latin Pella)
Bass Boy – Let The Bass Be Louder (In Control Techno Mix)
System W.B.B.S. – That Gets My Heart Pumpin’ (Rave Mix)
The Criminal Minds – Baptized By Dub (Vox Edit Only)
Butsch – The Cycle
Kid Unknown – Devastating Beat Creator
Freshtrax – The Vodaphone You Have Called Has Not Responded
Digital Boy – 1-2-3 Acid! (Percussion Mix)
G Double E – Asylum Seeker
Sperminator – No Woman Allowed
Overdog – Fuck You Up
Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin QQT Mix)
Adam X – Lost In Hell (Remix) (Satanic Ritual Mix)
Skyflyer – Humanoid
Butsch – Sex Now
Direckt – I Got Ya (Feeling)
Macromind – Stars
The Real Roxanne With Hitman Howie Tee – Bang Zoom (Let’s Go-Go)
Butsch – The Count
Dread – Quantum Leap

Fester Side
Earth Leakage Trip – The Ice Cream Van From Hell
The Aphex Twin – Digeridoo
Car & Driver – Disco Award
unknown 2 (please leave track id in comments if you know it)
Brainstorm – Demonomania
The Sound Of Rotterdam – Crucify Him (Destroy Him)
The Aphex Twin – Flaphead
Poor Righteous Teachers – Easy Star (Acapella)
Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing
Brainstorm – Space Metal (Part 1 & 2)
The Ultimate Seduction – House Nation
Tune Request – Destroyer (id by Ramon)
Force Mass Motion – Let It Move You