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R.A.W. & DJ Mellinfunk – Volume 1




R.A.W. and DJ Mellinfunk released this mixtape in 1992. It was the first of two releases they collaborated on.

R.A.W. – I Wish I Was Dead


DJ Mellinfunk – Junglism


Tracklist provided with the tape:

R.A.W.’s Side

Xtasyyy – Program 3
Acid Beard Massive – Secret Squirrel
Dominate – Flag
The Rush Pt.2 – D.B.L.
Hallucinating – Trancesetters
DJ’s Anthem – DJ SS & EQ
Let Your Mind Be Free (Remix) – Manix
Poing (R.A.W.’s Rush Mix) – R.T.S.
M.A.D. – Wishdokta
Trip To The Moon #2 – Acen
R.A.W.’s Trip #2 – “I Wish I Was Dead”

Mellinfunk’s Side

Breakneck EP – White
I’m Talking To You – Lewi Cifer
Panik – Terra Incognita
Equinox – MRPT7
Jungle Muffin – The Moog
Fire’s Burning – Frequency
Harder N’ Deeper – DJ Hooligan
Get Bouncy – Amen
Humanoid – Skyflyer
Everybody Let’s F!@$ – Overmind
No Women Allowed – Sperminator
The Count – Butsch
Carry On Columbus – Fantastic Planet
Voice Of Buddah – Aurora
Devastating Rhythm – Prophecy
Fire Marshall Bill’s Warning: Raving

Tape Source: Mario Q.

Various – Live At What?


I’m not entirely certain of the various DJ’s for this Live @ What? mixed tape. My best guess is DJ Trance, Oscar Da Grouch and DJ Mellinfunk. Two of the mixes should be easily identifiable by The Beatles and Star Wars tracks. If anyone can positively ID who’s playing at what point on this mixed tape please post in the comments.

Various – Live @ What?


Various – Live @ What?


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Obviously High – Inside My Head – Delirious Recordings
Interface – The Toytown E.P – Rising High Records
Plexus – Auto Shutter – DiKi Records (vocal sample)
Eternal – Eternal – Underground Level Recordings
Wishdokta – Evil Surrounds Us – Kickin Records
Smart Systems – The Tingler – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
Hyper On Experience – H.E. Anthem – Moving Shadow
Rhythm Section – Perfect Love 2am – Rhythm Section Recordings
London Symphony Orchestra – Cantina Band – 20th Century Records
Bass Generator – House Is Dead – Bass Generator Records
The Prodigy – Out Of Space – XL Recordings
Overdog – Fuck You Up – Wunderwerke
Wishdokta – Joy (No Bogle Mix) – Kickin Records
Boyzland & Wagga T – Tribal Instincts E.P. – Out Of Orbit
Altern 8 – Frequency (Hallucin 8 Mix) – Network Records
Naz AKA Naz – Organised Crime – Déja Vu Recordings
Bald Terror – Rotterdam Terror – Rotterdam Records
The Beatles – Revolution 9 – Apple Records
Car & Driver – Help Germany – Force Inc. Music Works
Ohm – Tribal Tone – Vibe (Florida)
T.N.T. – Criminal Mind – Z 001 Records
T. Vee – U Are A Sucker – Rave 55
T. Vee – Beautiful Symphony (Move On) – Rave 55
F.O.X. – Boing – Haunted House Records (NL)
Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus – Indisc
King Dale – Utter – Rotterdam Records
DJ Hooligan – B.O.T.T.R.O.P. – Dance Street Records

DJ Mellinfunk & Oscar Da Grouch – Live At What?


It’s been 16 years to the day, but not the hour (it’s not that late yet), since this mixed tape was recorded. These mixes were recorded at the legendary Los Angeles after-hours What? on Friday, March 5th 1993. I’m not positive, but I believe the recordings are of DJ Trance (side a) and Oscar Da Grouch (side b). If anyone has a better memory than I do, please feel free to correct my assumptions. Regardless of the DJ’s there’s some great oldschool techno on this tape.

DJ Mellinfunk – Live At What? 3-5-93 (Side A)


Oscar Da Grouch – Live At What? 3-5-93 (Side B)


Some of the tracks in this mix:
M-D-Emm – Got Any Hardcore? – Strictly Underground Records
D.J. XPIN – Hypersonic – PR Records
Insane Poetry – How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?!! – Ichiban Records
Trashman – Cosmotrash – Music Man Records
Tribal Force – Huga Chaka – K.N.O.R. Records
Defcon – Defcon (Theme) – Hithouse Records
Butsch – The Count – Little Giant Music
80 Aum – Standing On Top – 80 Aum Records
Twin Bass – Daze Of Reality – Kickin Records
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Peace & Loveism (4 Hero Remix) – Suburban Base Records
Dread – Quantum Leap – 786 Approved
Rave Gang – Housy Hip Hop – Hithouse Records
T. Vee – Combiner Two (The Harder Trax E.P.) – Rave 55
T. Vee – U Are A Sucker – Rave 55
Dyewitness – What Would You Like To Hear Again? – Mid-Town Records
Psychic Parasite – Talk Dirty – Force Inc. Music Works
Brain Damage – Sabre Dance – K.N.O.R. Records
Scarface – I’ll Take You All To Fuckin’ Hell – Brrr Records
Dyewitness – I Am The Creator – Mid-Town Records

Edit: Updated post to correct DJ credits after receiving confirmations. Thanks!