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DJ Dan – Wicked Burning Frenzy





Wicked Burning Frenzy, the ultimate hardcore mind f..k project, was released by DJ Dan in 1992.

DJ Dan – Wicked Burning Frenzy (Side A)


DJ Dan – Wicked Burning Frenzy (Side B)


Track list:

Side A

Bad Influence – Never Too Much – Bad Influence (BI) Records
1st Prodject – Right Before (Remix) – Fokus Recordings
Urban Shakedown – Ruff Justice – Urban Shakedown
Force Mass Motion – Explosion – Rabbit City Records
F.O.X. – Boing – EX-IT Records
R.T.S. – Poing (Jump A Little Higher) – Rotterdam Records
Nu-Tro-Gen – Rollin’ Reptiles – Thunderpussy
Twang – There’s No If – Dance Factory
Turntable Hype – Casanova Make You Jump – Go Bang! Records
Macromind – Venom – Buzz
Sperminator – No Women Allowed – Rotterdam Records
Smpte – Mash – Blockhouse
Pelgrim – Get Bouncy – Rotterdam Records
Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
Morgan Wild Project – Analog Flash – Buzz
Acid Junkies – Sector 9 – Djax-Up-Beats
DJ Edge – S.F. (Acid Mix) – Edge Records
Precious X Project – Dukkha – Hard + Fast

Side B

MC Lethal – The Rave Digger – Network Records
Rhythms For Reasons – The Grandnational – Formation Records
N.R.G. – Feel The Fury – Chill
Skyflyer – Humanoid – Adam & Eve Records
Pelgrim – Amen – Rotterdam Records
Sperminator – Uptempo – Rotterdam Records
E-Trax – Yo, Te Quiero – Dance Street Records
Bassboy – Let The Bass Be Louder – Mid-Town Records
T.D.5. – Cyber Trance – Not On Label
Force Mass Motion – V.N.E. – Rabbit City Records
Yolk – Bishbosh – OHM Records
Urban Shakedown – Ruff Justice – Urban Shakedown
DJ SS & EQ – DJ’s Anthem Volume 1 – Formation Records
Krome & Time – This Sound Is For The Underground – Suburban Base Records
Menace Makes 3 – Pure Hysteria – (Give Me A Mother Mix) – Danse City Records
Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton – Faze 2
Urban Shakedown – Do It Now! – Urban Shakedown
Coldcut – Beats + Pieces – Ahead Of Our Time
Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track – Ffrreedom

Tape Source: Mario Q.

DJ Dan – Jolly House Jams




I can’t imagine a more fitting name for this mixtape. Jolly House Jams, released by DJ Dan in 1992, is over 90 minutes of exactly what the title says it is. If you like house music, I dare you to listen to this without smiling.

DJ Dan – Jolly House Jams (Toast And Jelly Side)


DJ Dan – Jolly House Jams (Peanut Butter And Jam Side)


Tracklist as provided with the tape:

Side A

Understand This Groove – Sound Factory
Burning – MK
Martin Madness – The Beat Division
All I’m Askin’ – Kenny Dope Gonzalez
Work That Mutha F© ® – QX1
Babaji – DH Pinhas
Can You Feel It – CLS
Hyped Beat Box – Frenk Ski’s Club Trax Vol.1
Rhythm Is A Dancer – Snap
I Feel Love – Devastation
I Feel Love – Donna Summer

Side B

Can’t Take It – Rhyhtm Invention
Jack Your Body – Steve “Silk” Hurley
I’m Rushing – Bump
Hypnosis – Psychotropic
Tribal Fred – B.F.I. (Why Not Jazz! (E.P.))
Follow Me – Aly Us
I Got A Hold On You – Maurice Joshua
Scat And Bebop – Scatt
Feel Free – Fruits Of Fresh Funk
In The Mix – Mixmasters
Can You Feel It – Chez Damier
Reach For Me – Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space
Better Day – Polo
I’m Gonna Love You – Jestofunk

Tape Souce: Mario Q.

DJ Dan – The Funky Dope Green Project




This classic and limited edition DJ Dan mixtape, The Funky Dope Green Project, was released in June of 1992.

DJ Dan – The Funky Dope Green Project (Side A)


DJ Dan – The Funky Dope Green Project (Side B)


Tracklist as provided with the tape (correct or not):

Side A

Monkey Monkey – White
Got To Make It – Omar And Crooks
God Intended – Ground Level
The Temple Of Boom – Next
Sex Instructor – Ultrasonic
Rave Africa – Tomahawk
Just Dance – Slammin Techno
Hipnotic St-8 – Altern 8
Tronic Equator – Chemical Company
Can’t Stop The Rush – Tango Remixes
Signs Of Chaos – Cracker Jack EP
Drop A Beat – Moby
Crack Baby – NASA Project
Hellfire – Sequencial
Set Your Body Free – Lux
Higher – Conscious
Rave Generator – Toxic 2

Side B

Bomb Scare – 2 Bad Mix Remix (With Doug E Fresh)
Dance With The Speaker – Ecology EP
King Basshead – DJ Scooby
Wind It Up – System X
Edge Records 1 – Edge
The Basket – Eon
The Bee – Louis Love Bump
Poing – Rotterdam Terminator Source
88 To Piano – Mainx
Skin 1938 – Robby Anigeto
Mario’s Trax – The Final Trax
Fuck You Up – Overdog
Aftermath – Rhythm Eternity
Nasty Remix – Sy-Kick
Los Kings Del Mambo – Studio X
High – Hyper Go-Go

Tape Source: Mario Q

DJ Dan – Warehouse Flashback Vol.1




You can’t go wrong with mixes by DJ Dan. On Warehouse Flashback, from the DJ Dan Classic Series, he throws down 51 old school techno tracks from 1991 over the course of 95 minutes. This really is an absolute classic.

From the inside cover:

DJ Dan would like to thank everyone for their continued support and for keeping PEACE alive in the scene. The scene was created in celebration of music, life, happiness, friendship, love, and ones own creative self expression. This is our scene, lets keep it a positive one and remember, follow your dreams and goals, love your friends and family, and most of all love and believe in yourself and you shall succeed. Remember, this is our world, let’s live it to the fullest. Keep your dreams alive and always look to the future.
Peace, DJ Dan

DJ Dan – Warehouse Flashback (Side A)


DJ Dan – Warehouse Flashback (Side B)


Tracks included in these mixes:
Cappella – Everybody – Media Records
Lewis Lovebump – Mallorca – Zazaboem
DJ Cassanova – Revolution Credits – K9 Recordings
Skin Up – Ivory – Love Records
Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In – React
DJ Dick – Weekend – Low Spirit Recordings
Analogik-a – Mama Africa – AA8 Records
Frank De Wulf – Moral Soundabuse – Music Man Records
Distortion – Twilight Tone – Stealth Records
80 Aum – Mindcontroller – 80 Aum Records
Moby – Go – Instinct Records
Voodoo Child – Voodoo Child – R & S Records
Channel X – Rave The Rhythm – Beat Box International
Cubic 22 – Night In Motion – XL Recordings
Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives – Vinyl Solution
Zero Zero – Zeroxed – Kickin Records
Praga Khan – Free Your Body – Beat Box International
Lords Of Acid – Take Control – Complete Kaos
Qube 45 – The Sequal – 80 Aum Records
T99 – Nocturne – Who’s That Beat?
Space Trax – Atomic Playboy – Stealth Records
Culture Shock – Atomic Playgirl – Decadance Records
Turntable Terror – Break – Mid-Town Records
Spectrum – Spectral – R & S Records

Side 2 Tracklist Coming Soon!