Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #4


I liked the first three tapes in the Acid Junky mixtape series so much, I asked Josh McClintock if he’d mix a fourth especially for the site. I’m happy to share with you, 19 years after the original was recorded, a new addition to one of my favorite series of mixes.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #4 (Return of The Living Acid)


Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #4 (Junky’s Revenge)


Source: Josh “Acid Junky” McClintock

18 thoughts on “Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #4”

  1. Track list

    side 1
    The Track Stars – Air raid siren
    Picture Perfect – Loose Flutes
    Nexus 6 – Take me higher
    2 Houss People – Feel the Rhythm
    Bam Bam – The Underworld
    Euphorhythm – Patrik
    Rhythm Control – My House (Acapella)
    M-D-Emm – London’s Burning 1666
    Temperance – Hypnonsense
    Ubik – We Jack the House
    Ecstacy Club – Jesus Loves the Acid
    Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
    Fast Eddie – Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
    Phortune – Can You Feel the Bass
    Phortune – You Wanna Party?
    Phuture – We are Phuture
    Coma – Tales from Planet Coma

    side 2
    Trackmasters – sample
    Phenix – Clockwise
    Adrenalin MOD – Ecstacy
    Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me
    How II House – Unlock the House
    Mr Lee – I can’t Forget
    Master C & J – One Day We’ll all be Free
    The Get Down Gang – Work it
    Da Rebels – House Nation
    Ikko – Night in Blue
    Charles B – Lack of Love
    Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid
    L.E. Bass – Acid Bitch

  2. Love the tracks you’ve selected. I really like the revenge side. Tracks are outta here with The Get Down Gang, Rebles, Mr. lee – Thats shit rocks Josh.

    Just curious on what you thought in how it came out? Whats your favorite part of the tape? I Really enjoy listening to your audio-trips.

    Thank You.

  3. O Man….I had a lot of fun making this tape!!! Took a little longer than expected. Lot of things went wrong during the process….Had to get new needles…..replace scratched records…new time consuming job…etc etc…The hardest part was actually selecting the tracks because my vinyl collection is enormous these days. In the end…I think it came out pretty good. I’m a perfectionist so there is always something I think I could do better on it….but I’m content with the way it turned out.
    The first side is my favorite and also gave me the most troubles. My favorite parts are the “Euphorhythm with the “my house” acapella over well as the mix out of it with MDM. And the 2 Fast Eddie tracks just melted together perfectly.
    Really happy with the second side as well….The mix out of ” House Nation” to Ikko being my fave.. And the ending to side 2 with “Acid Bitch” was perfect.

  4. I would also like to say a BIG thank you to Jason here at Simfonik for asking me to do this. It was an honor and a lot of fun! Also THANK YOU to George Menjivar for the artwork and Vanessa Becerra for the oldschool photo!

  5. Actually Vanessa…I ended up recording this digitally. I tried doing it by tape…it sounded horrible. So I figured….he’s just gonna transfer it to digital I bought a nice little Tascam recorder and did it on that. And was all vinyl.
    Thanks for the love guys! Take care

  6. Your welcome Kenny…thank you! After listening to the other tapes again…this one is definitely the acidiest(<word?lol). TC

  7. imma liquid dnb head but i appreciate all things “classic rave” especially acid house!! big ups simfonik and josh mcclintock!!! solid :)

  8. One night Shaggy? These werent even reordced on planet earth my brother Naw I reordced the first one at the end of ’93 and the third one at the end of ’94 .I shoulda wrote the dates on the tape but thats my best guess. I put a lot of thought into the tapes .it wasnt just pop a tape in and lets party. I wanted it to play out like a story .with an intro and an ending that made it seem like a journey. I’ve been playing these in my car and they sound so nice and clean Jason did a great job digitizing them.Looking forward to the third one being posted in the next couple weeks the first side on it Stairway to Heaven is my favorite recording I have ever done.Thanx again for the kind words Shaggy!

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