Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #2




OK class… next up is Volume #2 in the Acid Junky series of mixtapes, by Josh McClintock, recorded in 1994.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #2 (Junky To Junky)


Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #2 (Fuzzy Logic)


Side 1

Hey Jude – White label
Original Rockers – Rockers to Rockers
Liberty City – Some Lovin
Bizarre Tracks – Sensory Delight
Jam and Spoon – Stella (FS mix)
E-Rection – Smoke my Dang a Lang
They Live Long – Angel Dust
Silver and Steel – General Roland’s Last Stand
The Gatorade’s – The Space Anthem

Side 2

Sasha – Seastorm Overture
Killer Faber – Bazooka
Yage – Fuzzy Logic
Felix da Housecat – Freakadelica
Frank De Wulf – Imagination
Anon – Alright
Sublime – Transamerican
Caucasion Boy – Spangle
Sasha – Seastorm Overture
Freaky Chakra – Halucifuge

Source: Josh McClintock

23 thoughts on “Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #2”

  1. Looking back….Naming the first side “Junky to Junky” probably wasn’t the best idea….hahahaaa!!! I think what I meant was Acid House lover to Acid House lover… whatever..I’m just stoked to see it digitized and posted!
    I’ve uncovered the missing tracks….they are
    (end of side 1) Sysex-At first Light(Version)
    (track 6 side 2) Young Braves- Reach

  2. I’m more then enjoying it Josh! Acid Junky’s stand tall soldiers we can see, feel, envision, create, produce what others only dream about. Represent it, embrace the american heritage acid dance culture……OOOOOO ACID HOUSE….the rulah’

    With Only ONE goal in mind. To it seems clear you were on a mission; no doubt your compilation mix of tracks is phenomenal very well representing ACID HOUSE ACID PHENOMENON.

    were these series recorded in one night? Please don’t come back and say yes! HOLLY SHIT !

    Jason – dude – sounds GREAT and thanks again!

    HAWT MY FRIEND… the rainbow family is listening.


  3. One night Shaggy? These werent even recorded on planet earth my brother… Naw…I recorded the first one at the end of ’93 and the third one at the end of ’94….I shoulda wrote the dates on the tape…but thats my best guess. I put a lot of thought into the tapes….it wasnt just pop a tape in and lets party. I wanted it to play out like a story….with an intro and an ending that made it seem like a journey. I’ve been playing these in my car and they sound so nice and clean……Jason did a great job digitizing them.
    Looking forward to the third one being posted in the next couple weeks……the first side on it “Stairway to Heaven” is my favorite recording I have ever done.
    Thanx again for the kind words Shaggy!

  4. That’s what i had thought! To me it’s clear that both tapes thus far have told many stories.

    Compiled,arranged, mixed geniously. I can tell just by listening …. CAN’T WAIT TILL 3rd INTRO and final track!

    You should do a Acid Junky Revisiting Planet Earth #4

    bring that beat back! both tapes are unremarkable.

    you da man!


  5. Josh – what’s the second track on the LAbassin and at 40:30… I need this record Chief and remixes ” i been holdin on, I been holdin strong. yeah yeah yeah yeah,”
    Shagola 8)

  6. Am i hearing Colon Abrahm’s in there? 22:29

    You took this one to sunday Church baby.
    I’m way down with the vocal pianos and basseline. I’m feellin cuhz…. DOPE!

  7. Thank you Shagola aka Shagmeister!!! There is a bit of my personal history in that mix…which will sadly explain the extra soulfullness of it. My father had passed away 4 hours prior to me playing that party. One of the last things he said to me was…”Play GOOD Friday.” I somehow kept it together (with much help from my friends that were there….pretty sure you can hear them in the background at points.) and played a set that was straight up what I was feeling at the moment. I pretty much layed my heart and soul on the dancefloor…..we danced in celebration of my father and I dedicated the set and recording to him. Thank you for listening and appreciating it !!!
    David Harness – Shake (Carlos G-Dubbs last track)
    Burnski- Draw your Sword
    Rhythm Plate-Don’t Care about You
    Moulton Studios – Get Back Up
    CeCe Rogers -Someday
    Paradise Inc. – Get Together Now
    Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives
    Sir James – Special
    Intense – Holding On
    Funky Disco and the New Groove – Oww
    Eddie and the Eggs – Me and My Watermelon

  8. And here is something else you might appreciate….I recently played a live video set over 2 hours long for Controlled Substance. It’s full of classics and great mixes….and you can also laugh at me dancin around for 2 hours. It’s ok though! U know I be FEELIN IT! eNJOY!

  9. I’m hearing you dawg! I’m touched to hear that. Well it was today Easter Sunday 1997. I was out all night candy-fliping at some party. Was supposed to go to Thousand oaks park with family. Was so burnt i did not attend. That day under the sunshine my popz had a heart attack & flew away…never to return. I cried for a month! even do now. I have letter from him that he had written to me. Till this day I can not get past the 1st sentence…

    I HEAR YOU CHAMP DEEP! you ever play in L.A. you need let me know CHAMP.

    HOLD ON STRONG CHIEF! We have Guardian Angels.

    LOVE the USTREAM Josh – CHEERS to DAD!


  10. Josh – You know Marlon and his Brother out of San Fernando? If so i think we may have already met.

  11. You da man Shaggy! My condolences about your father. We both loved our dads very much huh buddy! I do know George and Marlon…they are my good good friends! So I’m sure our paths have crossed. Feel free to friend request me on Facebook if you havent already dude! I post tracks and mixes on my page all the time. I hope you have a good Easter…enjoy your day bro!

  12. Yeah we met at the few VWF parties Marlon did. I’m Rameen’s friend, Look just like him only younger. You played after or before him a couple of times. I did not know your last name at the party, though i see now see you on Ustream…I know this Josh! Cool man we from the same circle.

    We need to get Marlon here! he’s got a boat load of tapes to share.


  13. Hey Josh, do you got a tracklist for that Controlled Substance set? Or a link to one on their site? Would love to see it.


  14. Yo nice find Mickey!!!
    Wuzzzup Nature Boy!? Here ya go…Yo…there is another mix I did on that site that’s pretty sweet too. It’s all oldschool breakbeats.

    Enjoy! tc bro!

    Gas – Particles
    Gypsymen – Bounce
    Bizarre Tracks – Sensory Delight
    Prefab Sprout – If You don’t Love Me(FSOLrmx)
    FSOL – Papa New Guinea
    Sasha – Heavenly Trance
    Rhythm Doctor – Phuture
    Mondee Oliver – Make Me want You
    Rhythm Bandits – Let’s get it together
    Raison De Etre – Oh Girl
    Myoshi Morris – Muzik
    Paris Grey – Don’t lead Me
    How II House – Unlock the House
    Gaucho – Dance Forever(Idjut rmx)
    Mandre – M3000
    Bastedos – Secrets 2
    Flowmasters – Take Control
    Crime – Breaking Point
    Simply Complicated – Salsadelik
    Sexicanz – Salsa Fresca
    Wagon Cookin – I can’t believe it
    GTS feat Loletta Holloway – What comes around
    Street Choir – Workin
    Kulo 996 – What’s Happening
    Claudio Cocoluto – It’s new funky
    A Certain Ratio – Be what You wanna be
    Michael Wilson – Groove it to Your body
    Faux Love – Desire
    Escape from NY – Fire in My heart

  15. Thanks so much for this! There’s a few cuts on there I just had to know : )

    BTW that Street Choir label…they have a remix of “Rock Steady” by Aretha Franklin that is killer!

  16. Yo, Brotherman! I need more info on that track to ID it sir!
    Got a couple requests to post a tracklist for the breakbeat set on Controlled Substance….here it is.

    The Track Stars – Air Raid Siren
    808 State – In Yer Face
    Liquid Liquid – Scraper (Psychonauts mix)
    808 State and MC Tunes – Tune Splits the Atom
    Well Red – MFSB
    Love Science – Baby
    R + R – Some Good
    A Certain Ratio – Be What You Wanna Be
    Freshness on Wax – Real Phunk
    Company 2 – I’m Breaking through This
    Cut to Shock – Were Here
    Loose Bruce – Pick up on This
    Rebel MC – Double Trouble
    C.A.T. – Low Ride Song
    Sonic Experience – M.T.S.
    Smith and Mighty – Killa
    G Double E – G Theme pt.2
    Bomb the Bass- You se Me in 3d
    Think Twice – Waiting for You
    Groove Mercenary – Switch
    Meat Beat Manifesto – Helter Skelter
    Underkut – Both Ends
    Eze Ozo – Kick the Break in
    Outrage – Energy
    Lost – Gonzo
    VIM – Maggie’s Last Party
    Da Juice – Hear the Angels
    Turntable Symphony – It will make you go
    Blapps Posse – Bust it
    Young MC – Know how
    Love Bug Wonderland – Part V

  17. Brotherman, offhand, you wouldn’t be interested in the old funk song by the Dazz Band called “Let It Whip?”

  18. I aint that Black….

    It’s an old techno track i heard off a Frankie Bones tape. …not funk. Been looking for the track for many many moons. He played it with another track “women beat their men” which i already have. Looking for this “The Whip” record!

    Found nothing on Speilberg records other then indiana Jones info/tracks when searched.

    Appreciate it though Josh & Alexey….

  19. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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