Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #1




Josh McClintock (“Curious Josh”, “Joshua”, “Josh from NY”) started DJing in the summer of 1991 and was heavily influenced by Doc Martin, Jeno, and Barry Weaver. Known mostly these days for his acid house and oldschool house sets. This is the first in a series of three mixtapes that got him gigs at Unlock the House, Sketchpad, Metropolis, Groove Radio, and various other parties in Los Angeles and San Diego in the early nineties.

Acid Junky Vol. #1 was recorded in 1993, after Middle Earth had just ended. It was recorded in Newport Beach at Josh’s parents house, where many a crazy party was held, with good friends sharing a love for this music.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #1 (My Sound)


Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #1 (X-Paradise)



Gas – Particles – t:me
Sy Kick – The Journey – Not on Label
Vitamin HMC – Life Support System – Juice Records
Information Society – Going, Going, Gone – Tommy Boy Music
Outlander – Room To Move – TZ
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash – Transmat
Microbots – Cosmic Evolution – R & S Records
80 Aum – Future House – 80 Aum Records
Earth Leakage Trip – Strange – Rising High Records
Brides Make Acid – Flying Over Frankfurt – Outcast Clan

Transformation – Transform
Influx – Tiny Green Spots – Sapho
Hawke – 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden – Hardkiss
Sidetrax – In Your Heart – Gee Zone Records
United Space – Rise – Space Records
Hawke – 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden – Hardkiss
Dig The New Breed – Who’s No 1 – Cleveland City Records
? (Import..Black cover with yellow writing)
Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony – Round And Round

Source: Josh McClintock

18 thoughts on “Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #1”

  1. THANK YOU Josh thank you J. .. . . . i have been looking for the 3rd track 4eva: Vitamin HMC – Life Support System. WOW this tape premium illness and gives me Acid Fever! Well Done guy’s it’s sounds GREAT!

  2. O Mannn… happy to have this digitized and posted…..thank you so much Jason! And thanks for the kind words Shaggy and Omar!
    I need to make a couple corrections to the track list I gave Jason….track #5 on side 2 is actually Soul Odyssey-Rapture-Space records and track #8 is The Well Charged Latinos-Latin Prayer-Black Sunshine Productions.
    Acid Junky #2 and #3 (both recorded in ’94) should be posted within the next couple weeks. Enjoy!

  3. I’m so proud of my son and his artist music. I love his work and can’t wait for more! This is just the tip of the ice berg! He’s so talented!!

  4. Holllly crap. Its DJ Curious Josh. WOW. What a master. Glad I was able to witness the sipinning first hand back in the day. There is nothing like the 92/93 scene Josh intro’d me to.

  5. Yo Christian! Hit me up on Facebook dude! I wanna DJ in St. Louis again…lol.

  6. Josh, awesome tapes. I haven’t heard so many classics in one place in a long time! I forgot about most of these until listening to this.

  7. Hey Josh,
    It’s been a few years since 1988! That was the year my world became flooded with dance records and Mixmag’s weekly magazines. I used to drive to Melrose from the valley during my lunch our just for a chance to hunt vinyl for 10 minutes! Thanks for these mixes, your years of serving us music for our souls, for being active on this site, and for all of the memories these classic mixes bring.
    Cheers M8!

  8. On it!
    It’s true! I spent many an hour trying to find parking on those tight ass streets! I just drove through there the other week with some visitors from out of town and man, what an odd sense of sadness seeing none of my old haunts there anymore.
    No worries though, we’ve got more horizons to conquer!

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