DJ Trance – 72 Animals


DJ Trance‘s 72 Animals mixed tape was released in 1995 and described as “90 minutes of new, chunky, distorted Acid House that I love and not many people will understand”.

DJ Trance – 72 Animals (Side A)


DJ Trance – 72 Animals (Side B)


Tape Source: Jason Blakemore

Cover Source: Shaggy

10 thoughts on “DJ Trance – 72 Animals”

  1. One of favorite tapes to dose too. AHHHH Fugetabout it.
    Thanks so much for the dedication J. ONE!
    I went to a moontribe party long time ago and had more people around my car then the party when i was bumping it. Tape is HARD!
    Shahnam (Shaggy)

  2. Anyone have a copy of Acid House either 95 or 96 they can post. The set starts off with Pure by Rebirth.

  3. Now this is where innovation goes to have a drink. Brilliantly mixed Electro-Hickups with a shot of Acidic Melted Marshmellow Mayhem!

    Wheres part two Jason?!?!?

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