DJ Dan – Jolly House Jams




I can’t imagine a more fitting name for this mixtape. Jolly House Jams, released by DJ Dan in 1992, is over 90 minutes of exactly what the title says it is. If you like house music, I dare you to listen to this without smiling.

DJ Dan – Jolly House Jams (Toast And Jelly Side)


DJ Dan – Jolly House Jams (Peanut Butter And Jam Side)


Tracklist as provided with the tape:

Side A

Understand This Groove – Sound Factory
Burning – MK
Martin Madness – The Beat Division
All I’m Askin’ – Kenny Dope Gonzalez
Work That Mutha F© ® – QX1
Babaji – DH Pinhas
Can You Feel It – CLS
Hyped Beat Box – Frenk Ski’s Club Trax Vol.1
Rhythm Is A Dancer – Snap
I Feel Love – Devastation
I Feel Love – Donna Summer

Side B

Can’t Take It – Rhyhtm Invention
Jack Your Body – Steve “Silk” Hurley
I’m Rushing – Bump
Hypnosis – Psychotropic
Tribal Fred – B.F.I. (Why Not Jazz! (E.P.))
Follow Me – Aly Us
I Got A Hold On You – Maurice Joshua
Scat And Bebop – Scatt
Feel Free – Fruits Of Fresh Funk
In The Mix – Mixmasters
Can You Feel It – Chez Damier
Reach For Me – Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space
Better Day – Polo
I’m Gonna Love You – Jestofunk

Tape Souce: Mario Q.

9 thoughts on “DJ Dan – Jolly House Jams”

  1. OMFG!!!!!!!! i can’t belive this is up here!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Any know where this version of QX-1 – Let’s Work the Mutha F___er can be found? Its def not the version on QX-1’s “On a Journey” EP. Close but slightly different. Any help would be much appreciated. Over 20 years searching for this!

  3. Positive, Listen after the breakdown at about 2:00. The 12″ version maintains the same beat as the beginning whereas Dan’s version kicks in with a slammin break. Other than that both versions are identical. Ive asked Dan too and he doesnt remember or have time to look. Nobody seems to know. 8(

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