13 thoughts on “Derrick Carter – Genre”

  1. Still sounds good. Luckily, I never got into the habit of using shit tapes. Always CrO2 or better….

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh Shittttttttttttttt!!!!!!! Thank you so much that!!! CrO2 will never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  3. I remember this one too! came out about tha same time as carlos in s.f. w/ Love is the Law. Got em round the same time.

  4. saw him last fri. in pdx, laid down some deep acid trax that brought me there and brought me back!

  5. Bobby Merai:

    Question: was this a promo-tape or were you already big-time by this time?

    These were “rent tapes”. Working steadily but by no means big time…

  6. Love that he dropped in, if that was him. Peace side quite nice. It took a minute for me personally, but yeah, this could catch on.

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