Project X Unlocks The House – Jeno & Keoki




These mixes, by New York’s Keoki and San Francisco’s Jeno, were recorded live at Project X Unlocks The House on January 2nd, 1993. The event went from midnight until noon and also featured Steve Loria and Orlando.

Project X Unlocks The House – Keoki


Project X Unlocks The House – Jeno


Tape Source: Tef Foo

11 thoughts on “Project X Unlocks The House – Jeno & Keoki”

  1. On Jeno’s side:
    Bad Boy Orchestra “Salsa House”
    Rio Rhythm Band “Carnival Da Casa”
    Nation 12 “Listen To The Drummer”
    O.N.I.T. “We’re Out Of Control”
    Eagle’s Prey “Tonto’s Drum”

    Anybody know what the acid-y vocal is at the 33 minute mark?

  2. Wuzzzzup my first post on here…great f-ing site!!! My name is Josh…I’ve been djing and collecting since ’91. Here are some tracks you are missing for this great mix by Jeno!
    Sax-Give yourself to me
    Royal Orchestra ltd- mykoos melodee
    J.u. ice -it’s just a groove
    Drum and Bass- I love you
    Masters at Work-Dum dum cry
    Eagles Prey- Tonto’s drum

    Only track I’m stumped on is the first one. Enjoy.I will check out some other mixes on here and see what else I can find for you.Thank you very much….dope site. Maybe one day one of my old mixes will find its way on here!

  3. I’m a hardcore kid. Well, not a kid anymore. None of of that were there are kids anymore. This mix was the one that showed me that house was ok. This tape is the bomb.

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