DJ Thee-O – The California Project

The California Project – 16 tapes, 8 DJ’s and 24 hours of mixed music. A very ambitious and limited release from 1994, with mixes from DJ’s Ron D Core, Simply Jeff/DJ Spinn, DRC, Jon Bishop, DJ Dan, Vitamin D, DJ Trance, and Thee-O.

This first installment from The California Project showcases the sounds of DJ Thee-O. Special thanks to Thee-O for contributing this and numerous titles from the Biohazard catalog to the site. More mixes by Thee-O are available here

Thee-O – Anologue Mindtrip


Thee-O – Dream Themes


Thee-O – Evening On Earth


Thee-O – Live At Dosage Afterhours


If you know any of the tracks in these mixes please post IDs in the comments.
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7 thoughts on “DJ Thee-O – The California Project”

  1. Thank you for putting these up Jason. I can barely remember what these sounded like and now I get a chance to check them out again. Can’t wait to hear the other mixes from The California Project again.

  2. 2 tracks from the Analogue Mindtrip (I can’t believe I spelled it wrong on the tape. LOL) that I know of are:

    Locust – Music About Love (R&S)
    Aphex Twin – Tamphex (R&S)

  3. My pleasure! Wasn’t “Anologue” the preferred spelling way back in ’94? ;)

    Thanks for the ID on the Locust track. It was one I was trying to remember. I wish Mark Van Hoen was still putting out music of the quality he did on Weathered Well and, especially, Truth is Born of Arguments (can’t get tired of that album).

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