DJ Curious? – The Darkside (Part 1)


It’s time to rewind to “The Darkside” of 1993 with a proper jungle / breakbeat hardcore mixtape, laid down nicely by DJ Curious. The Darkside is part 1 of a two tape set, the second of which can be found here.

If names like Hyper On Experience, Luna-C, Remarc, Back II Back, Basement Records, Dark Horse Records, and Suburban Base Records put a smile on your face, then this mixtape is sure to do the same.

DJ Curious – The Darkside (Part 1: Side A)


DJ Curious – The Darkside (Part 1: Side B)


10 thoughts on “DJ Curious? – The Darkside (Part 1)”

  1. this WAS the tape set that got me into jungle, no doubt about it. not only the mood it created but the songs themselves. i had no idea exactly what kinda monster record hunter it would create but give it up to Curious (and Adam who played them for me!), my life changed with these tapes. started with a hunt to find these tracks (turns out many were from one LP which was obviously used in abundance to make these mixes) and then gravitated over to 93-95 ragga jungle. but hearing this brings that feeling back into the center of my gut like i just ate something thats gonna make my night a blast. ;)

  2. That reminds me. You still have my tapes Nate. Somewhere I have a curious / ODG happiness and darkness. It’s 30mins each side. I think 5 ppl have it.

  3. Respect CRS? feel super fortunate to have wittnessed LA jungle from the jump. Mixes like this proove that LA Jungle was as strong as what was going on in the UK during that time but with a hardcore/ dark flavor that is definitely an LA thaaang!

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