Eli Star – Sown Loose Alone / Some Lose As One



90 minutes of beautiful ambient, dub, house and techno mixed in 1993 by Eli Star. This mixed tape is part of the “Atmospheres Collection”.

Eli Star – Sown Loose Alone


Eli Star – Some Lose As One


If you know any of the tracks in these mixes please post IDs in the comments.
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Tape Source: Tef Foo

39 thoughts on “Eli Star – Sown Loose Alone / Some Lose As One”

  1. Awesome mix! Love hearing Eli’s old tapes, always had such a dope galactic sound. Any Eli Star tapes are always a RARE find. Big Thanks for this one!

  2. Hi Eli,

    It’s my pleasure to host your old mixes. Thanks for the link to the additional mixes!


  3. Some of the great tracks on this mix include;
    YMO “Light In Darkness” (The 808 State Mix)
    Young American Primitive “These Waves”
    The Orb “Spanish Castles In Space”
    Maurizio “Ploy” (Battersea Was An Island Of Mud Mix)
    Underworld “Mmm Skyscraper I Love You” (Telegraph 6:11:92 mix)
    The Farm “Love See No Colour” (3-Beat’s Mix)

  4. WOW! Big ups for the link synthetrix, Im digging all the mixes that you have there.

    Cant believe all the eli star tapes you have, Im lovin all the rhythms!

    Cant thank you and Simfonik enough for not only hanging on to these treasures, but making them available as well =)

  5. wow! i had the”Sown LOse……” mixtape..and of course lost it somewhere…and thought, “I’ll never ever find it again”. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. OMG I have been looking for this tape since I lost it in 1995. Thank you whoever you are. You fucking sooooo made me happy. I cant believe it. Thank you thank you

  7. Do you have paypal. I would like to donate some cash to keep your site going. I had been searching for this tape since 1995. The first date me and my wife went on we spent listening to this tape in my crappy little apartment in east hollywood till 5am. We were both broke and in school at the time. It was a fond memory listening to this talking and eating chinese food. It was the night we had our first kiss. The rest is history. Thank you so much.

  8. Woah… Never thought I’d find these anywhere on the web. I’ve been a hunter of Eli Star mixetapes since Louis the IVX. Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting!


  10. good god… this is a revelation..

    i actually have copies of this one… and ‘sewn tight together / all one won’, ‘the black’ and an original of ‘planitia chryse / de-kaying’ that i ordered from pureacidmixtapes… I would kill for ‘Sparkling Blue Sea’ (which someone’s car tape deck ate unforgivingly)… i hope it finds its way here

  11. Hey Proqxis!
    I think we can help each other out. I can hook you up with Omega if you can give me a copy of Planitia Chryse / De-Kaying. Mine got eaten in a cassette deck. Head over to my website and email me a link and I will add Omega to my page of Eli tapes.

  12. I need to get near an actual good tape deck.. so it might be a little while; but you’ve got a trade :)

  13. I have the “Whole Over” & “Grooves on Phobos” series mixed by Eli Star on cassette and cd form, if anyone is interested get a hold of me, much respect to Eli Star and all the fans on this site, the early 90’s scene was so magical, i have great memories of all the desert raves I went to see Eli spin at!

  14. Wowzerz!! Sooo dope…anyone have some track/artist names??? Would love to hunt down some of these tunes to add to my collection! :-D

  15. I remember Eli spinning regularly at Sketch Pad in LA…. that was the perfect venue for his sets… Dark, mellow, chill.

  16. Totally awesome tape! A definite classic! Would love to get some track IDs on this.

    On the “Sown Loose Alone” side:

    14:09 = Young American Primitive “These Waves”
    40:35 = Fuzzy Logic “Obsession (The Quantum Loop Mix)”

    Thanks for sharing this!

  17. Eli will always be one of the first Legendary underground LA DJs. The music he represented was full of intelligence, imagination, possibility and beauty. He made Ambient music relevant in the L.A. underground.

    And he was cool enough to help me with my fledgling label in the early 2000s! Phunked Up Recordings

  18. Whats that first track on side A?

    Ethereal female sample, sounds like she’s singing “Videodrome.. nothing lasts forever..” over a wicked break. Love the contrast!

  19. I have an INCREDIBLE one called Re-entry…..It has a past life regression mixed in…I MUST find a way to share it w/ peeps! How would I go about doing such a thing? Can someone counsil me on this topic? ;)

  20. I have a minty fresh copy of Re-Entry that I’ve already recorded. I’ll post it soon-ish.

    Other Eli tapes that are already recorded, but just not posted yet.

    Live (4-28-94)
    Planitia Chryse / De Kaying
    Live @ Tatou (1-94)
    Live @ Ambient Lounge (7-94) / Semi Slow

    Also some that I haven’t recorded yet….

  21. Thanks Shahnam! Man….I would like to hear all those Jason. Is the “Live at Ambient Lounge” different than the one posted on Ezeskankin?

  22. Cool. I have all of his tapes except for Planitia Chryse / De-Kaying. That one gotten eaten by my tape deck years ago. Looking forward to that one.

  23. simfonik, thank you for an excellent site. Have you gotten a chance to post more Eli Star tapes?
    I have been converting tapes to digital since ’97. If I can be any help getting more tapes on here and offloading someof the work, please contact me.
    Again, thanks for a real jewel of a site and immortalizing these magical tapes of a bygone era.


    I have a minty fresh copy of Re-Entry that I’ve already recorded. I’ll post it soon-ish.
    Other Eli tapes that are already recorded, but just not posted yet.
    Live (4-28-94)
    Planitia Chryse / De Kaying
    Live @ Tatou (1-94)
    Live @ Ambient Lounge (7-94) / Semi Slow
    Also some that I haven’t recorded yet….

  24. THank you so much for posting these! im glad to see there are still those out there who appreciate music that will never be this good again.
    I have been searching for these since 96′ as well, as I miss my box of cassettes the digital age has worked out really well when I come across these gems.
    Im still looking for my favorite all time ELi mixtape “Behind the Vinyl curtain” I think it was a red tape tape, I cannot find this for the life of me.

  25. Sown Loose Alone
    Solar Plexus – Solar Plexus
    Yellow Magic Orchestra – Light in Darkness (808 State mix)
    Young American Primitive – These Waves
    Rejuvination – Work in Progress (Balcony mix)
    The Oval Five Project – Gandarva (Do-ing Vs Spooky vocal mix)
    Fuzzy Logic – Obsession (Quantum Loop mix)
    The Orb – Spanish Castles in Space (Castles in Goa mix)

    Some Lose as One
    Maurizio – Ploy (Battersea was an Island of Mud mix)
    Moodswings – Time Warp
    Underworld – Mmmm Skyscraper I Love You (Telegraph mix)
    Sunscream – Love You More (Oh Yeah Dub)
    Dance 2 Trance – Atlantis

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