Destructo – Destructo (Hard / Medium)


Destructo (Gary Richards) began DJing and producing undergrounds in the early 90s in Los Angeles, most notably creating RaveAmerica at Knotts Berry Farm. Rick Rubin subsequently handpicked Gary for A&R in electronic music at Def American Recordings, launching a noteworthy career with such acts as Lords of Acid, Messiah, David Holmes, Basement Jaxx, Dub Pistols, God Lives Underwater and founding 1500 Records and Nitrus Records. After carrying his success to the metal world with No Name Mgmt, Destructo returned to his roots in 2007 by creating HARD. HARD events such as the HARD Haunted Mansion have become synonymous with cutting edge electronic music and unforgettable experiences, where the talent rosters reflect Destructo’s own impeccable DJ sets.

This self titled mixed tape from 1992 is a good example of what Destructo was playing in those early days of electronic music in Los Angeles. The Hard side is a selection of (now) classic hardcore tracks such as Digeridoo by Aphex Twin, Acid Drill by Edwards & Armani, and Poing by Rotterdam Termination Source. The Medium side kicks off with what I believe to be a rare release by Destructo, with the “Mighty Rain Spirit” sample (would love a correct ID), that gets mixed into Passion by Gat Decor. Unfortunately I don’t recall any of the other track titles on the Medium side, other than The Haunted Mansion soundtrack on Disneyland Records that the mix closes with.

Destructo – Destructo (Hard Side)


Destructo – Destructo (Medium Side)


If you know any of the tracks in these mixes please post IDs in the comments.
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Tape Source: Tef Foo

15 thoughts on “Destructo – Destructo (Hard / Medium)”

  1. I used to have the hard side on tape. I knew it was Destructo, but thought it was from power tools or something.
    I remember knott’s. I still have by very beat up K- RAVE 93 t-shirt. I should have never wore that to work!
    Thanks for another great post.

  2. that track Rain spirit was a real floor filler when i was partying in Maryland. I remember all of us started slinging around the word “tribal” after hearing it for the first time….we all started wanted more like it as the sound was evolving from the old faves: “the spice must flow”, voodoo child, james brown etc….

    Once again you’re keeping the old memories alive!

  3. thanks for the upload!!

    i had this mix-tape back in the day…

    stoked to have it on my ipod now


  4. hell yea I used to bump the hard side back in the day all the time!!! that tape broke years ago! haha thanx for the upload

  5. Destructo had a ambient + trance mixtape with both stella and papa new guinea on it, about 93. Anybody remember this?

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