Chris Hyde – Milk And Cookies


Brush after every meal and listen to Chris Hyde at Milk every Friday.



90 minutes of house music from 1993 mixed by DJ Chris Hyde.
I love the cover for this tape and I’m guessing it’s a Fresh Jive design. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Chris Hyde – Milk And Cookies – Milk Side


Chris Hyde – Milke And Cookies – Cookie Side


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Mount Rushmore – I Got The Music In Me – Clubstitute Records
Rollin’ Gear – Backbone Slide – U.F.G
MD III – The Pressure Cooker – Underground
Robert Armani – Fire Alarm – Dance Mania
Rollin’ Gear – I’ve Got It – U.F.G
Eddie S – The Eddie S. EP – Freeze Records
280 West – Scattered Dreams (“Boom Chocka-Boom” Mix) – Kaleidiascope Records
Mariah Carey – Dreamlover (Def Mix) – Columbia
Sagat – Fuk Dat – Maxi Records
Fourplay – Make ‘Em Rock (Frankie’s Bone-A-Pella) – Fourth Floor Records
The Goodmen – Give It Up – Fresh Fruit Records

Tape Source: Tef Foo

20 thoughts on “Chris Hyde – Milk And Cookies”

  1. Dang! I’ve been looking for my own tape forever!!! I’m glad you guys have it posted, grateful…
    I’ll shoot you the track listing after downloading, completely forgot what’s on it. It’s been that long. Mike Messex did the artwork, commissioned by Orlando Puerta of Citrusonic; it went on the same press run with Steve Loria’s “Deep Space” mix-tape. They both were released at the same time. -CH

  2. I’m still looking for “Xperience”, “Icarus” and “For The People”… -CH

  3. I forgot that this inspired me. After hearing this, I had to go out and get the 2 tracks I loved the most. 2 tracks that I would still play to this day are, “house of nice” & “Reyna page”, cookie side.
    Thanks for posting this.

  4. Off the top of my dome:

    Joint Venture “Come On” Strictly Rhythm
    The Eddie S. EP “The Spell” Freeze Records (B4 280 West)
    House of Nice “Free (Release Yourself) Boomtang Records
    DJ Essentials / Acapella Anonymous Vol.3 (Red) “Just Be Good To Me” (B4 The Goodmen)

    Note: The Goodmen can also be found on FFRR

  5. @Chris, I was excited when I found your tape – nice mix and selection! Thanks for the info on the design, Mike did a great job with it. I have Steve Loria’s “Deep Space” as well – we’ll be posting it soon – and it definitely looks like the same person designed both covers. Good stuff!

    Thanks for the ID’s as well… I’m guessing DJ Essentials / Acapella Anonymous Vol.3 “Just Be Good To Me” should replace Fourplay in the tracklist (I think that’s what the original sample came from?).

    I know I saw at least one more of your tapes in storage… I think it was “For The People”, but I’m not positive. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them next visit.

  6. @Chris, do you happen to have any of Orlando’s old mixes? I had one in particular, from 1993 I believe, that I’d love to find again. I don’t remember the title unfortunately.

  7. I have orlando and R.A.W. I am your god. on tape. I think its from 92.( this one is classic) I also have some live mix of him playing in uptown Whittier from some club that oscar de la hoya used to own. ( some nice house)
    deep space is also the shit………..dream drums……….

  8. WOW, I seriously cant wait to hear when you guys upload Steve Loria’s ‘Deep Space’… I used to have that one and Doc Martin’s ‘Unlock Your Mind’ [at least I think that’s what it was called; it was orange..] …yup, dream drumz all night long!!… and rock your body!! XD

  9. Crier One-

    The cassette is titled “Vibratory Energy” by Doc Martin
    A: Unlock Your Mind and B: Unlock Your Soul

  10. Chris, do you remember the old Melodic mix tape with you on one side and Farina on the other?

    That was the shit.

    Would you happen to know the name of the track about the guy who went to Africa to learn about the drums?

    Much thanks

  11. @ Chris

    I have an original Xperience. It is one of my favorite mixes of all time.

    I have a digital copy, and was planning on sending the tape to simfonik, but I will send it to you instead if you want it.

  12. Chris, Milk & Cookies was one of my first pure house tapes. Lotsa LA underground tapes floating around. A gf of mine gave me this & it created an entirely new genre in my collection. I put it in w my Garth & Jeno tapes.

  13. Can anyone ID the track at 17:45 on the Cookie side?
    Doc used to play this track as well back in ’93.

  14. Don’t know what the track is, but definitely is a sample of the O Jays “I Love Music”. Maybe it’s on Luxury Service Records??

  15. @Rez

    Well it’s 12 years later… but you’re probably looking for Deadbeats “Humdrum”.

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