Jon Bishop – Techno Mix July ’92

This is the first of two promo mixed tapes simply titled “Techno Mix” and “House Mix” by San Diego DJ, Jon Bishop, from July of 1992.

If you know any of the tracks in this mix please post IDs in the comments.

Jon Bishop – Techno Mix July ’92 (Side A)


Jon Bishop – Techno Mix July ’92 (Side B)


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Master Control – Nu-Dimension – Not On Label
House Of Venus – Dish & Tell (Beltram Remix) – Go Bang! Records
Cameo – Money (Hardsell Mix) – Reprise Records
Sequencial – Psychotronic – Who’s That Beat?
Cascade – Do What You Wanna Do – Interdance Records
Interactive – Dildo – Strictly Dance
Marusha – Rave Channel (Weekend Mix) – R & S Records
Destruction Production – Best Mindfuck Yet – Moving Shadow
Deee-Lite – Rubber Lover – Elektra
AB Logic – The Hitman – Interscope Records
Kid Unknown – Nightmare – Warp Records
Isotonik – Let’s Get Down – Orange Records
Phenomania – Caramelle EP – No Respect Records
Overdog – Fuck You Up – Wunderwerke
2 Bad Mice – Bombscare (Remix) – Moving Shadow
Unknown Artist – Jude On A Ragga Tip – Not On Label

Updated: Additional tracks ID’d with help from members of the Old Skool Lovers group on Discogs.

Tape Source: Tef Foo

11 thoughts on “Jon Bishop – Techno Mix July ’92”

  1. much props on the site.classic old skool mix,,the first tune on side a gave me a flashback of a lost dj dan tape pre dx2,,do you now what that first record is?

  2. Hi Frank, thanks for checking us out. The track you’re looking for is the first one in the track list “Master Control – Nu-Dimension”. Thanks to Tkon for the ID.

  3. @Alexey – thanks for spotting my typo! I have a bunch of Uncle JoHn’s, so it’s out of habit.

  4. He had a whole series of Technological Maneuvers tapes I would love to get a hold of again.

  5. im looking for the name of a dj(and maybe where to find) from a tape a buddy had circa 1998. It was an clear, orange colored tape. I thimk it was monkey business. there was another tape that i think was a different color by same artist. Thought it was jon bishop but cant find anything related. The only lyrics I can remember go something like: I like it nice and slow,nice and slow, I like the porsche and not the yugo, when I hit this, I dont miss this, target, like a windmill.

  6. Hello,
    Does anyone remember the Jon Bishop mixtape that has Bjork’s Violently Happy and Loleatta Halloway’s Stand Up and the starter songs on each side? I thought it was in the Cali Project, but doesn’t seem so.

  7. “p>im looking for the name of a dj(and maybe where to find) from a tape a buddy had circa 1998. It was an clear, orange colored tape. I thimk it was monkey business”
    AntB420… That translucent orange cassette your talking about is called “FOUR” and it’s by DJ Jon Bishop! It was my first mix from him and I only picked it for its cool color! I have many of his cassettes ( lol) and a few of his first CD’s . I just told him on FB how STRIKE and Four are my favorite all time techno/house mixes…I still play it a few times in my car. It’s awesome highway driving music! Ask Jon if you can buy a copy and if he can’t do it maybe I could find a cassette to CD player somewhere on this Earth and make you a copy! LOL

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