DJ Trance & R.A.W. – 4 Turntable Madness 101

4 Turntable Madness 101, mixed by DJ Trance & R.A.W., was recorded live at the 1 year anniversary party for Insomniac.

The original lineup that was promoted for this event was Joey Beltram, Ernie Munson & Moon Pup, DJ Dan, Simply Jeff & Thee-O on 2×4, Sean Perry, and Raymond Roker.

DJ Trance & R.A.W. – 4 Turntable Madness


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Tilly Lilly – Moltke Str
DJ Rectangle – The Ultimate Battle Weapon
Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus (Magical Trance Mix)
The Ultimate Seduction – House Nation (Piano Mix)
Macromind – Drop The Merchandise
Eon – Basket Case
Church Of Extacy – Babbahouse 2
GTO – Tip Of The Iceberg
Technohead – Planet Hi-Hat
Rob Acid – Happy Answer
M-Beat Featuring General Levy – Incredible
Hyper On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix)
Prizna – Fire
Remarc – Drum N’ Bass Wise

17 thoughts on “DJ Trance & R.A.W. – 4 Turntable Madness 101”

  1. Big ups! My favorite tape from those days.

    one more track for the list:
    UK Apache feat Shy FX – Original Nutter …

  2. I have this tape, not the original, but i recorded it from my friend….i was at this party and it was so much fun

  3. starting at 29 min:

    ‘wow yeh’ redlight 003
    mbeat ‘incredible’ renk
    unknown atmospheric tune
    foul play ‘nullines remix’ moving shadow
    ‘murder tonight’ redlight 001
    shy fx ‘original nuttah’ sour
    redrose ‘guntalk’ greensleeves
    lewi ‘shining’ 2 strong
    dj ron ‘dangerous’ london some’ting
    remarc ‘drum n bass wise’ whitehouse
    unknown w/ragga vox, tune!
    dream team ‘yeah man’ joker
    dawn penn ‘no no no remix’ greensleeves
    unknown w/ “new dawn” samples
    prizna ‘fire’ labello blanco

  4. I will never ever forget this party. Standing in line to get in at 2 am to get into a party that didnt start till 3 am

  5. you know just looking at that red tape brought back all those memories of the good ol days. great tape and if i’m not mistaken isn’t it trance mixing on one side for raw scratching and and on the other side its raw mixing for trance who, might i ad, is clearly the better turntablest. dam. jason is a god i tell you. i’ve seen him plenty but never enough and everytime he always brings his own system which is louder then anyone elses and he well, i could go on and on about him. if you didn’t get to see dj t then buddy, you missed out. big time

  6. anybody has mixes from dr sisko..or barry weaver on hardcore or kookane(from chicago)

  7. i have the same tape,weres the other side ,its r.a.w and dj trance…hey i have a set from dj trance on powertools spinnin some oldschool techno ,how can upload …and u to make better quality

  8. yo wicked mix you two were off the rocker sick beavis and butt head samps wow thanks for the lesson on how to get down on 4 tables wicked again djsmilez stay up

  9. I went to this rave and it was super hard. They do not play this kind of great music anymore. Dj Trance & R.A.W have and always be gods in the Rave World. DJ Trance spun the hardest set at Techno State 11/12/1994 in the valley in a sweet location on which you could get lost behind the 15ft foot wall. You guys are the best and thank you for this website.

  10. Without a doubt jason is the bomb one of my favorite djs hands down.My all time favorites tape of all times came from dj trance mindscratch 1 thanks jason for putting it down night after night at all my favorite clubs&Raves back in the day(What?)ect…Cant thank you enough simfonik your like a time machine for us these old school set tapes are priceless…IN A TRANCE…..

  11. DJ TRANCE & R.A.W. always brought the HARDCORE sounds to any RAVE in L.A….had the chance to go to many events where both spun and you knew that they would take to a different dimension that no other other DJ could!!!!

    I agree with TRANCE101 it would be great to hear again the mixes of DR SISKO he was a great DJ as well…..

    This is an awesome site where we can bring back the original sounds of what the L.A. RAVE SCENE was at one time!!!

    RAVE on…!!!

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