DJ Trance – Live At Bassrush 3


This mix by DJ Trance was recorded live, on September 1st, 2002, at the third Bassrush event in Los Angeles. This was the first Bassrush where the main room was Drum & Bass and also the first to be held at what is now Vanguard LA. The lineup for the event was Roni Size, Adam F, DJ Craze, Usual Suspects, Reid Speed, Deacon, DJ Trance, R.A.W., Fester, Simfonik, DJ Surreal and Mindbender.

DJ Trance – Live At Bassrush 3


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Digital Boy – 1-2-3 Acid!
The Hypnotist – Death By Dub
Church Of Extacy – Church Of Extacy (Ooowee, I Am Ready…!)
Adam X & Frankie Bones – Getting High
DLM – Let Yourself Go
Eon – Basket Case
Dyewitness – Observing The Earth
Church Of Extacy – Babba House 2
N-Joi – Live In Manchester
E-Trax – Let’s Rock
909 Bass Line – Suckers (Aborigional Edit)
Digital Domain – I Need Relief
Direckt – I Got Ya (Feeling)
Defcon – Defcon (Theme)
T.N.T. – Brainwashkiller
T.N.T. – Criminal Mind
Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing
2 Hi – Jump A Little Hi-er
Krome & Time – This Sound Is For The Underground
Macromind – Stars
Kid Unknown – Devastating Beat Creator

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  1. At 27:23 (just after N Joi) The Break Boys – My House is Your House plays for a little bit.

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