Steve Loria – Chrome

Chrome, mixed by Steve Loria, was part of a series of tapes called “Let The Street Speak” released in conjunction with OM Laboratories and CPU101. The other tapes in the series, to my knowledge, included Chris Flores and Jon Williams.

Steve Loria – Chrome (Side A):


Steve Loria – Chrome (Side B):


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
L.A.M. – Hostile Bacteria
T.D.5. – Cosmic Tones
Audio Assault – Desire
Direckt – I Got Ya (Feeling)
Hedgehog Affair – Oh Wow What A Rush
Tribal Ghost – Paradise, Paradise
Bi-Face – Slo/Fast
Funky Junky – Rushin
Captain Scarlet – Attack Of The Mysterons

Tape Source: Tef Foo @ CPU101

7 thoughts on “Steve Loria – Chrome”

  1. Hey, thanks for posting this mix!! I love Steve Loria and haven’t heard this mix in so long. We listened to this tape so much back then we wore it out. It’s nice to see someone preserved a copy and put it up for the old school heads.

  2. damn whats that tune thats similar to “way in my brain” natural reaction? i also had this on a old doc martin tape,,been wanting that record.

  3. This tape literally changed my life!

    My all-time favorite! God bless you people!



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