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DJ Trance & R.A.W. – 4 Turntable Madness 101

4 Turntable Madness 101, mixed by DJ Trance & R.A.W., was recorded live at the 1 year anniversary party for Insomniac.

The original lineup that was promoted for this event was Joey Beltram, Ernie Munson & Moon Pup, DJ Dan, Simply Jeff & Thee-O on 2×4, Sean Perry, and Raymond Roker.

DJ Trance & R.A.W. – 4 Turntable Madness


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Tilly Lilly – Moltke Str
DJ Rectangle – The Ultimate Battle Weapon
Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus (Magical Trance Mix)
The Ultimate Seduction – House Nation (Piano Mix)
Macromind – Drop The Merchandise
Eon – Basket Case
Church Of Extacy – Babbahouse 2
GTO – Tip Of The Iceberg
Technohead – Planet Hi-Hat
Rob Acid – Happy Answer
M-Beat Featuring General Levy – Incredible
Hyper On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix)
Prizna – Fire
Remarc – Drum N’ Bass Wise

R.A.W. & DJ Trance – Wake Up L.A.!!!


R.A.W. and DJ Trance collaborated on a few mixed tapes with each other but none of them ever topped Wake Up L.A.!!!.

I’ve worn out several copies of this tape over the years and still enjoy listening to this day. I hope you enjoy it too.

R.A.W. – What The Fuck Is This?!:


DJ Trance – Increase The Voltage:


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
SMD – #2
Wishdokta & Eternal Bass – Eternal Expression
Elevation – Take Your Mind
Foul Play – Survival (Remix)
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect (The Remix)
R.A.W. – Roughneck Sister Sue (different R.A.W.)
Hyper-On Experience – Thunder Grip
Bass Generator – The Event
Scarface – Speedy Gonzales
Static Substance – Ghetto People (Remix)
D’Cruze – World Within A World (Remix)
DJ Abraxas – Come In Running
Remo Don – Wonderful
The Criminal Minds – Toxic Culture
SMD – #2
Aurora – Entrancer
DJ Edge – Spirit
Aphex Twin – Polynomial-C
Acen – Window In The Sky
DJ Krome & Mr Time – The Slammer
Cloud 9 – You Got Me Burnin’

R.A.W. – Live On Power Tools 1994


This mix by R.A.W. is from early 1994 and was recorded for a Saturday night mix show in Los Angeles called Power Tools.

R.A.W. – Live On Power Tools 1994:


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Altern 8 Underground (8 Till L- 8 Mix) – Network Records
Nookie – Devotion – Reinforced Records
Hyper On Experience – Thundergrip – Moving Shadow
Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger – Suburban Base
The Untouchables – N’Joi This – Tough Toonz
D.A.C. Robinson – Lucky Strike – Rabbit City Records

If you know any other tracks please add them in a comment.