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Mojo – An Epic Oldskool Journey III


The Epic Oldskool Journey mix series is my attempt to archive a period of music that I find particularly innovative, but also one that holds much sentimental value. The first two Journeys focused more on specific time periods – Part 1 being dominated by acid house, bleep and rave; Part 2 much more focused on UK breakbeat aka ‘ardcore. I also tried to limit both of those to more esoteric songs from my collection, although some floorfillers were included. Part 3, quite possibly the last of these, I dub the “anthem” episode, as it definintely has its share of crowd pleasers. I still included a good number of rarities from the vaults, but there is much more in the way of heavy hitters in this one. I hope you enjoy! –– Mojo

Mojo – An Epic Oldskool Journey III


Source: DJ Mojo

Dimensional Holophonic Sound – The House of God
World – Zultan
Brersoul – Truly Fantastic
Digital Excitation – Dream Party
Bizarre Inc – I’m Gonna Get You
Jambo – Drum Attack
Bizarre Inc – Raise Me
Dj Edge – Fl It
Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In
Shut Up and Dance – The Green Man
Sykosis 451 – Hurricane
Trigger – Stratosphere
Eon – Spice
Eternal – Eternal
Messiah – There Is No Law
Raw Trax – Return Of the Redi
Altern 8 – Infiltrate
Southside Reverb – Use Your Tool
Human Resource – Dominator (Beltram Remix)
Pandemic – Slammin’
2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
Schedule 3 – Break You Down
DJ Phantasy and DJ Gemini – Never Try the Hippodrome
the Prodigy – Your Love
Rhythm Quest – Closer To All Your Dreams
Elevation – Can You Feel It
X-Men – Return of a Simple Song
Power-Pill – Pac-Man
LSDJ-e – Let the Rhythm Take You
1st Prodgect – Right Before
Carl COx – I Want You (Forever)
Aurora – Spectral Bass
Boyzland and Wagga T – Rock Da House
KZ1 – I know I can Make it
System X – Wind It Up
SL2 – DJ’s Take Control
Kicks Lke a Mule – The Bouncer
Psychotropic – Hypnosis (SL2 Remix)
Direckt – I Got Ya (Feeling)
Nu-Matic – Body Fusion
e.kude – Common Sensi
Nino – The Gun
Urban Shakedown – Some Justice
Phuture Assassins – Future Sound (2 Bad Mice Remix)
Acen – The Life and Crimes of a Rufffneck
the Prodigy – Out of Space
DMS – Vengeance
Manix – Let Your Mind Be Free
4 Hero – Journey From the Light
N-Joi – Drumstruck
The Moog – Rush Hour
Technosaurus – You Gave Me Nothing
Dj SS & EQ – Volume 1
Blame – Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)
DJ Edge – File 57
I.C.P. – Free and Equal (Leftfield Remix)
The Coma Kid – 1000 Feet
Jam and Spoon – Stella
Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea
Bizarre Tracks – Sensory Delight