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Barry Weaver – Untitled (1991)


This is an untitled mix that was contributed by Josh McClintock. We believe it’s a 1991 mix by Barry Weaver, though we’re not 100% sure. It certainly has all of the characteristics of a Barry Weaver mix though — the dreamy intro, the train in the middle, lots of breakbeat, tight tight mixes, and an incredible selection of tunes. This is an instant favorite!

Barry Weaver – 1991 (Side A)


Barry Weaver – 1991 (Side B)


Source: Josh McClintock

Barry Weaver – Live At Soundcheck




Live At Soundcheck was recorded nearly 14 years ago, on February 21st, 1997, by Barry Weaver.

Big thanks to Barry for sending this over along with a few other goodies to share!

Barry Weaver – Live At Soundcheck (Side A)


Barry Weaver – Live At Soundcheck (Side B)



Komputer Kidz – Rude Train (The Club Car Mix) – Maxi Records
R. Brown – Grip – Stoopidness
The Mod Wheel – Spiritcatcher – Evolution
Jeff Mills – Move Your Body – International Deejay Gigolo Records
G-Minor – Coming Hard – A.C.E. Records
DJ Alan X – X On Tha Dex (Filter Dub) – Xtrax London
Ken Ishii – Overlap (Lemon D Remix) – R & S Records
Peave Division – Move – Stoopidness
K. Hand – Horizon (Remix) – Distance
DJ Restyle – Past Silence – Search
On And On Remix By Mac – Remix Records
As Two Men – Feels – OMW (Oxygen Music Works)
Doug Willis – Two Tons Of Doug – Z Records
Unknown Artist – The Art Of Pimping (White Label)
Ian Pooley – Higgledy Piggledy – Force Inc. US
Tyree Cooper – They Don’t Know – Catalyst Recordings
Lynn Crouch – Dirtymotha – Clashvoxx
Jamez – Darklands (Sterac Mix) – Rough Cut

Adonis – No Way Back (Advent Mix) – Trax UK
F.U.S.E. – F.U. – Probe Records
Cliff Hanger – Song For Olivia – Underwater Records
Ken Ishii – Overlap (Mark Broom Remix) – R & S Records
House Master Baldwin – Don’t Lead Me (House Mix) – Future Sound R & R Records
U.X. – It’s Alright (Tribal Beat) – Molotov Records
Gisele Jackson – Love Commandments – Waako Records
Dark Globe – Def Hedd Disko – Hard Hands
Christian S – Penetrate (Tronic Mix) – Redlight Recordings
Cheap Knob Gags – Manhood – Cheap Knob Gags
Blade – Non Stop – Low Pressings
Sulky Pup – Cardinal Numbers – Ideal Trax
Byron Burke – Take U Back – Continuemusics
Humate – 1996 (Part 2) – Superstition
Bernard Trax – Back Back – Distance
Curtis – Boomerang – Platinum
Perry Hill – One Track Mind – Hard Up
Daft Punk – Burnin’ – Virgin
Mysterious People – Love Revolution – Yoshitoshi Recordings
Baffled Republic – Something About The Music – Z Records
Unknow Artist – White Label

Source: Barry Weaver

Barry Weaver – Lone Wolf
Marques Wyatt – Return To Paradise

It’s been exactly one year since the first post to this site and I’m thrilled with the response I’ve received from everyone. Thank you for your support and contributions!

Tonight I have something special for you: Love gifts from Tef and The Milky Way Acid House Family. This mixed tape of beautiful house music, from Barry Weaver and Marques Wyatt, was recorded in 1991 and isn’t nearly long enough. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Barry Weaver – Lone Wolf


Marques Wyatt – Return To Paradise


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
Beautiful People – I Got The Rhythm – Cabaret
Corina – Loving You Like Crazy – Cutting Records
Subterania – Rockin’ To The Rhythm – BTB Records
X-101 – G Force – Underground Resistance
Dragon Fly – Visions Of Rage – BTB Records
The Tone – Feeling Free – Bass Boy Records
U.P.I. – That String Track – Strictly Rhythm
Sounds Of Blackness – Testify – Perspective Records