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Altern 8 – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition




18 Hour Hardcore Fest, held on Saturday May 16th, 1992, was the first US appearance of Altern 8. This flyer was part of the R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition of rave flyers, that came with a flexi record to help promote the event. This particular flexi vinyl contains a medley of Altern 8 tracks mixed by The Berserker, with a special guest appearance by MC Crazy Claire.

During these turbulent times… R.E.A.L would like to take you on an unbelievable outdoor journey, where you can escape the madness and reunite with your friends for an 18 hour festival of our music, our beliefs, our desire for a better world… This is our generation!

DJ’s on the bill were Frankie Bones, Adam X, Doc Martin, Matt C, Steve Loria, Markem X, Eli Star, Big Daddy Sean Perry, Beej, Sweedish Egil, and Markie Mark.

Altern 8 – R.E.A.L. Events Collectors Edition


Special thanks to Le-Van “schizo” De Guzman, from The Schizo Archives, for contributing scans and audio on this.