Moonpup – Stranded On Gilligans



When I asked Moonpup for some background on this tape, here’s what he had to say:

I can tell you it was the party that helped put me on the map as a DJ in LA….. I played the morning set on the beach after a wild night of all the heavy hitters playing up above in the Catalina ballroom all night…. I was really anxious & pumped to play and wanted to prove I was every bit as good as the “NAME” DJ’s of the day (you know….the trailblazers…….etc,,, LOL !!) and i rocked it so hard, that when we got on the ferry to go home…. I decided to set up the sound yet again…. and we rocked the boat all the way back to Port !!! Classic…. One of the best parties of the day !! top 10 all time LA parties for me (Circa 90-96)

Moonpup – Stranded On Gilligans (Side A)


Moonpup – Stranded On Gilligans (Side B)


Source: Moonpup

10 thoughts on “Moonpup – Stranded On Gilligans”

  1. omg i was there and i agree with moonpup that the event party was one of the best n most fun ever of all time. love u moonpup

  2. You go Moon –

    These sounds & Time are Priceless. Raw genious for ever captured in dance music right here on a parallel universe.

    I’m thankful to all “PARTIES” involved in bringing this throwback of Underground Dance Culture.

    ba bab bab bab babee
    bap bap da da daaat


  3. Mainly I’m into jungle/hip hop/dubstep and don’t really follow house, but the music on these mixes is FANTASTIC! :) Any attempt at a track list? Or even some names to go off of? As far as oldscool goes, I’ve got knowlege of the hardcore rave/jungle side of it, but I’m pretty much clueless on oldschool house…I id’ed Bombscare and that’s about it… :blush: :)

  4. to put the record straight, the british invasion was down to mainly 3 dj’s, myself DomT, Mark lewis and Michael Cook.The highlite of Gilligans Island was in 2 parts, the 1st was me pushing Moonpup backwards over his record box for having a tantrum about wanting to play next (sorry about that) the 2nd was a tune each set shared by moi and the great Doc Martin as the sun came up on the beach, my record box was on the dance floor of which when I needed a tune I wobbled on to the floor, grabbed it then played it.the tune that killed it was “barefoot in the head” lastly the guy that missed the boat that day was a loon by the name of “dave seven” if you were ther that much you’ll know! good times, and good memories even if they are cloudy.peace DomT

  5. Mr Dom T!!! Your a madman! Loved hearing you every chance I got! Thanks for the background info. Hope all is well! Take care!

  6. I remember this SO WELL! It was AMAZING, Moon Pup was amazing and it did change everything!! Gilligan’s was INSANE!!!

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