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  1. Preliminary track list (I’m sure I know more of these, but these are the easy ones):

    Sil – Windows
    Coco Steele & Lovebomb – Feel It
    Bobby Konder’s – Nervous Acid
    Fuse – Dimension Intrusion
    The Nighttripper – Tone Exploitation
    Beltram – Energy Flash
    2 Bad Mice – Hold it Down
    SL2 – Way in my Brain
    Glide – Alright
    Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea
    Jam & Spoon – My First Fantastic FF
    Jam & Spoon – Stella
    Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
    GTO – Elevation

  2. I should state that the cut off between Doc Martin and Mark Lewis, who had the closing set, wasn’t entirely clear. I believe this is within a track of being accurate though.

  3. Aan Ricarte & David Loya your mom is here to pick you up….LOL. BTW the “MCing” really fucked with my head that night. Totally hated it.

  4. Saw that, thanks. I’m brainstorming here trying to fill in the blanks. i know most of these cuts but I can put my finger on them. Might have to go through the crates.

  5. here’s a recap with an addition

    00:00 MC
    00:45 Sil – Windows

    3:45 Coco Steele & Lovebomb – Feel It

    7:40 Bobby Konder’s – Nervous Acid
11:30 TZ-1 Outlander (Test Zone Marcos Salon)

    12:35 F.U.S.E. – Substance Abuse

    14:15 ???

    15:35 The Nighttripper – Tone Exploitation

    17:40 Beltram – Energy Flash

    18:55 2 Bad Mice – Hold it Down
24:15 ???
    25:45 ??
26:45 SL2 – Way in my Brain

    29:25 Glide – Alright

33:30 Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea

    37:35 Jam & Spoon – My First Fantastic FF
39:05 Jam & Spoon – Stella
41:45 49th Floor – Night Passage
44:40 Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
50:20 ???
53:00 ???
56:10 TZ-3 (Test Zone Marcus Salon) – Discotech
57:30 GTO – Elevation

  6. After Rozella is Tao “Love Potion” (Outland Mix).

    Yes, the MC adds a very “U.K. vibe” to the recording and he’s got a British accent too : )

  7. @Nature Boy – thx that was bugging the crap out of me – great record – still have mine – it just wasn’t coming to me. Thanks to ID’d the 49th Floor track as I never knew it and love it. The track after Glide-Alright is an early jungle tune that samples (but isn’t) Joey Negro’s Do What You Feel.

  8. I was in the crowd. This was a life changing experience for me. I just got done telling my 11yr old son what a rave was. Funny how loose all the mixes where. It didn’t matter to use then and look at where Doc took his career…

  9. The MC guy with the microphone should have been kicked out the club. What an IDIOT!!! – I downloaded all the Circa 92 tracks and he is worse on some other tracks. Doc should have stopped the set and told Ted ” Tell that mother fucker to SHUT UP” lol

  10. Fucking 1st major event and I walked in on this set. Tripping on LSD dancing like if i had skills but didnt give a shit. Been a fan ever since epic set with dude on stage in all orange tripping me out

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