Mr Kool-Aid – 808 State Rave 1991





Live recording of Mr Kool-Aid, recorded on September 14th, 1991, at a rave featuring the first LA performance of 808 State. This oldschool techno mixtape was released by The Milky Way Acid House Family.

Mr Kool-Aid – Live From The 808 State Rave 1991 (Smile Side)


Mr Kool-Aid – Live From The 808 State Rave 1991 (Heart Side)


Tape Source: Josh McClintock

29 thoughts on “Mr Kool-Aid – 808 State Rave 1991”

  1. What a party this was! And in LONG BEACH! 808 State rocked it proper….and when we thought they had played there last song…what’s this?..Bjork comes on stage and does OOPS with them. Place went crazy. Steve Koolaid was my favorite DJ my first year in the scene. Feb ’91 Like Pedro said on another post, he laid down an awesome vibe and played killer tracks but his mixing wasn’t the greatest. Another reason I liked him so much was that he would let me carry his records in and I didnt have to pay…lol He threw some of the best parties in Southern California…..Mickey’s Holy Water Adventure…Apocalypse…a bunch more I cant remember(most of them at the Casa) Much respect to Steve Koolaid.

  2. thats awesome.I bought a doc martin tape that night.It looks the same but yellow.Been looking for tapes similar to it.Thanks.Also looking for frankie bones tapes circa 91-92 with grim reaper on cover.Has about 40 diff.

  3. Man, this is amazing thanks! Yes I was there ahh thanks for the memories!! Now we need to find footage of A Guy Called Gerald and Happy Mondays at the Paladium on the “Call the Cops” that Manchester’s Hacienda brought over in 1990

  4. Awweee….I remember having this tape back in the day, we loved listening to it!!! Kool-Aid was just amazing…the REUNION should kick ass!

  5. THIS was FIRSGT rave…U fuckin rock…I was bored of Death Rock called my ol friend and said there has to be asomething more underground than this… He sez Come with me and show you New….this Rave blew my mind…20 mins after gettin there they disapeared into the biggest foggiest dance floor but felt safe I knew this was family

  6. I used to have a white label 12″ with “Mr. Kool-Aid” written on it. Did he ever put out any tracks?

  7. He did….”In the Dream” being my fave. Actually featured on this site here…. and wow! I just checked the track “Purple Sweetened” off the Babylon flexi……sick little deep number right there. check it out! Pretty sure I have this buried somewhere.. gonna have to dig it out. Hope all is well with you Nature Boy! Take care dude!

  8. @Jason Huddleston… I know exactly what you mean. My first party was Eve of Love in some shabby little warehouse in DT LA in Feb of 91. Interesting, I met one of my best friends at my first party (we’re still friends to this day even though we live in different states). We left Eve to go to Willy Wonka’s. That was an epic event for my first “night out” and they had smashed a hole in the brick wall of this warehouse and had a slide where you could go from the main room into the disco room (yes, back then they didn’t have chill rooms, they have 70’s disco rooms with dayglo paint, etc.)

  9. I own an original copy of this Milky Way tape. My copy has the exact same album art featured on one side with Mr. Kool-Aid, but the opposite side says “DESTRUCTO”. Is this recording all Mr. Kool-Aid on both sides, or is the B-Side actually Desctructo? Anyone know? I was at this Rave, but it was so long ago that I can’t recall. Thanks.

  10. Interesting Ronski. I’m pretty sure it’s all Steve Kool Aid from the record selection and the mixing style. I was there too! Destructo and Steve are still around. Maybe somebody that knows them could have them answer the question. Just an absolutely epic party!!!

  11. Hans! Dude, I’m pretty sure I met you one time in ’92 at a Flammable Liquid Party. We were chilling with our friends having a really cool conversation about the scene and the music. I remember having this conversation because in the first place was inspiring and I could tell that you were very passionate about the music. I’d seen you at other parties before that and other parties after that, and I could tell you were there cause you loved it as much as I did. I also remember this conversation because after this party my buddy Chris and I scored the best waves of our lives in Newport Beach!!! It was 4 to 6ft and just perfect. I still dream about those barrels to this day haaha!!! So much good music then so much good waves…just might have been the best day of my life! lol Just a memory that’s been kicking around in my brain for a couple decades…thought I’d share. Take care bro.

  12. I remember 808 state very well in the LBC…Whats up Josh, Damn Hans I haven’t seen you in so many years….Willy Wonka, Surprised you remember that lol…Hope to see you again soon..Both of you!! Give me a call Josh. Haven’t talked to you sense you moved back to CA. Hope all is well Bro.

  13. My 1st rave ever so epic! I lost $ in line and it was given back by a soulful person. Being blown away at how cool people were, I was down to be a D.j. Keeping it underground fo eva!

  14. Smile Side
    Jinny – Keep Warm
    Mr Koolaid and Marco – In the Dream (Remix)
    Tricky Disco – Housefly
    Mr Koolaid and Marco – Adams Family
    Voodoo Child – Voodoo Child
    L.A. Style – James Brown is Dead
    Various ‎– Electro Sound Megamix Take One
    Cybersonik – Technarchy
    Second Phase – Mentasm

    Heart Side
    Cybersonik – Technarchy
    Second Phase – Mentasm
    Blow – The Cutter
    Virtual Reality – Make Some Noise
    Human Resource – Dominator
    Epilepsia – Epilepsia
    Space Trax – Deduction
    Mr Koolaid and Marco – No Wire Hangers

  15. This event was my initiation into our electronic music dance community and culture aka “raving in Los Angeles.” So good.

  16. I will always remember this event. First time I heard Frankie Knuckles “Whistle Song”
    I specifically remember how it impressed the crowd because some of us started whistling the chorus as we where exiting the doors when the event ended. Good times! Thanks Mr. KoolAid.
    (My first event by Mr. KoolAid was “Marsha Bradys Bedroom” in downtown L.A. May 19, 1990. First time I heard 808 States “Pacific”.)

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