Ernie Munson – Skyscraper (I Love You)




Skyscraper (I Love You), recorded on October 24th, 1993 by Ernie Munson.

Ernie Munson – Skyscraper (I Love You) (Side A)


Ernie Munson – Skyscraper (I Love You) (Side B)


Tape Source: Tef Foo

8 thoughts on “Ernie Munson – Skyscraper (I Love You)”

  1. side a
    [0:00] Delta Lady – Anything You Want (Delta Dub Charge)
    [17:00] The Drum Club – U Make Me Feel So Good (Deep ‘N’ Hard Mix)
    [34:24] Vinyl Blair – Scratch N Sniff (The One Billion Dub Mix)
    side b
    [14:04] Underworld – Rez
    [17:39] Underworld – Cowgirl
    [33:05] Underworld – Mmm Skyscraper I Love You
    & of course that previously mentioned Rockers one at the end of this side.

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