Dubtribe – Dubchant



This promotional tape was produced by Dubtribe in 1993.

From 1990 to 2005 Dubtribe Sound System, husband and wife Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones, gathered friends and family together and traversed the planet performing house music live for millions of people.

Allied with sit in and bring along percussionists, poets, painters, singers, and other musicians including Ray Lee, Nicky Sick, Babatunde, Primo Navaro, Matthew Brubeck, Karen Pfister, Chadwick Justin Minor, Richard Henry Scott, Lumo, Spiral Formatt, DJ Collage, Toast, Raymond St. Martin, DJ Lapaix, Kevin Wilson, and many others along the way, Dubtribe brought the idea that anything is possible, and that anyone can rise up and create art, political protest, and personal expression in the environment of DJ culture, rave, and night club or warehouse with a few simple devices and fire in your heart.

They arrived at a time when the world was in turmoil, the rave was a new idea which empowered people to gather and dance. Few followed the example set by Dubtribe, but many people were inspired to find their own road.

Dubtribe Sound System performed their final live concert at Cielo, in New York City on December 1st 2005. Many friends and family were in attendance, it was the perfect ending to a wonderfully indepenent, situationist, and punk rock road far too few people choose to travel with the passion and love that Sunshine and Moonbeam have.

May the beach always appear before you as the most beautiful dance floor in the world. Open up your mind, open up your heart, open up your hands, open up your mouth, open up your life, and set your spirit free.

One Love!
S. Jones
San Francisco

Dubtribe – Dubchant (Side A)


Dubtribe – Dubchant (Side B)


Tape Source: Tef Foo

5 thoughts on “Dubtribe – Dubchant”

  1. Im not the biggest fan of Dubtribe, but sitting there with my girlfriend at the time listening to dubtribe for the first time together has to be one of the most amazing feelings of my life. The kind of feeling of helping, loving, and just being with everyone you know. I cant say I feel that way these days, although I can say if you get that feeling then more Dubtrtibe please.

  2. Same feeling for me tommy. More anything that makes me feel like that please!

  3. this one reminds me that i didnt imagine 92-present, the music was everything back then. Still today, but different.

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