Young American Primitive


This is the first full length album from Young American Primitive, released in 1993 on the San Francisco label ZoëMagik Records. It’s one of my top 5 favorite albums from that year. Unfortunately, the follow up album African Cosmopolitan was never commercially released, and future musical output from this talented artist was minimal.

Young American Primitive – Young American Primitive (Complete Album)

1 Intro 0:20
2 Trance Formation 6:05
3 Flux 0:45
4 Young American Primitive 6:05
5 Ritual 6:11
6 Sunrise 8:03
7 Daydream 4:20
8 Over & Out 6:50
9 These Waves 6:48
10 Monolith Part One 5:06
11 Monolith Part Two 7:26

13 thoughts on “Young American Primitive”

  1. Wow, havent heard this album before, only a few songs, and am glad that I finally got to hear it. Ritual is a new favorite of mine – Thanks for the rare upload!

  2. I’ve been looking for this album for more than 10 years but nobody ever has it. “Sunrise” is one of my all-time favorite ambient tracks. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone post the album in its entirety. Is there any chance you can post a download link for the record? I would love to be able to keep this as there is no way for me to purchase it through another outlet, even if I wanted to. Thanks!

  3. It appears that YAP’s unreleased follow-up album “African Cosmopolitan,” as well as a remix collection called “Remixes Rare Unreleased Vol. 1” are both now available for download via iTunes and Amazon. Unfortunately not the first album.

  4. OMG if you please, i would love a link to this.. I have been looking for years for a copy of it and the only place in seattle had one and it sold like a month before i went in, (wall of sound is great).

  5. yo i remember this so well! I actually saw MOBY ,Doc Martin and Kazell in feb. or march of 93’…. I was in for a surprise.I got a flier for it n all. I met a lot of eastcoast friends that night,being that I was in charlotte,n.c……. CHARLOTTE N.C. was a very underground city.They were on tha same level as most major cities.I’ve lived on both sides. I love this!!!!

  6. This album has been a staple in my life since it was released. I was listening to it last night and it still sounds fresh. Thanks Greg for making such a masterpiece.

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