Spun & Josh – Come-Unity (1993)




This is the first tape, mixed by San Francisco DJ’s Spun & Josh, from a series of six recorded live at Come-Unity in 1993. Much love to a very generous Neo-Maxi Zoom-Dweebie, for contributing this series and a treasure trove of other rarities!

Spun – Come-Unity (1993) (Side 1)


Spun / Josh – Come-Unity (1993) (Side 2)


Tape Source: Mario Q.

3 thoughts on “Spun & Josh – Come-Unity (1993)”

  1. oh man i remember this tape!

    side one:
    single cell orchestra – transmit liberation
    tackhead – ticking time bomb
    depth charge – bounty killer
    son of bazerk – bang get down down (dub)
    young american primitive
    underground resistance – the final frontier
    aphex twin – curve remix i think

  2. I really loved Spun’s intro to these tapes (Was that Dan Rather doing some of the reporting?) I wasn’t really that into the rest of it, I even recall the Jeno tapes having a few trainwrecks, but these are the tapes that sold me on SF. These are the tapes that woke up that voice in my head that said “You need to figure out a way to get up to the Bay Area and stay up in the Bay Area for as long a spossible.”

  3. Side 1:
    — – 05:00 Single Cell Orchestra – Transmit Liberation
    28:00-30:50 Single Cell Orchestra – I Hear The DJ’s Here (same EP as “Transmit Liberation”)

    Side 2:
    27:30-34:00 Fila Brazillia – Fila Funk
    34:00-37:00 Bonesbreaks – Dreams On Plastic (Bonesbreaks 7)

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