Bassbin Twins – EP 1


This was the first in a series of 3 EPs, released in (I believe) mid 1993, from Pete Houser’s Bassbin Twins project. The sound, to my ears, is distinctly early 90’s San Francisco in the best way possible: A collection of great hip hop, soul, reggae and house samples, arranged nicely over lovely mid tempo choppy breakbeats.

Bassbin Twins – EP 1 – A1
Bassbin Twins – EP 1 – A2
Bassbin Twins – EP 1 – B1
Bassbin Twins – EP 1 – B2

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8 thoughts on “Bassbin Twins – EP 1”

  1. I still got all these traxx.I think I might of been guilty of bringing that sound to s.c. w/ me! I picked up the first 2 for 2.99 at a hole in tha wall in berzerkley,ca.
    Love it now more than ever.They actually had more than 3… I have 4 and then an ass of b sides remixes and aliases. Homie was ahead of his time.I saw him back in 93 at a warehouse party with him and bassex vs. xpando! whoa!!!!

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