Jon Williams – Fruit Salad


Fruit Salad, mixed by DJ Jon Williams is the final installment in the Let The Street Speak series. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the Steve Loria and Chris Flores mixes.

Jon Williams – Fruit Salad (Side A):


Jon Williams – Fruit Salad (Side B):


Tape Source: Tef Foo @ CPU101

10 thoughts on “Jon Williams – Fruit Salad”

  1. man i remember tef & the cpu101 crew!! they use throw the dopest parties! i remember the rabbit in the moon one the did in 95&pyrotechnodiscoworks!!i remember ron d core only having like a 15 min set man if guys can get any of those flyers that would be suh-weet

  2. This was my first mix tape. It was stolen out of my car and I never thought I’d hear it again. Thank you guys so much!

  3. would love love love to find the track listing for this….. this tape is bangin’….. love love love love the grooves!

  4. side 1
    Rhythm Invention – Chronoclasm
    Holy Ghost Inc – Mad monks on zinc
    side 2
    Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony
    (I know I have this…I will track it down soon)
    Frontline – Scream
    Jam and Spoon – Stella (Moby mx)
    Jam and Spoon – Stella

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