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Xavier – Live @ Opium Madame Butterfly


This mix from our friend Xavier De Enciso and People Who Love You, was recorded live on August 12th, 1995, at Opium Madame Butterfly.

Spread your wings and fly away to a happy place where the bass booms and kids play. There are no strangers in this world, only friends we have not met.

This was the third OPIUM in that series. Having the entire mini golf course open during the entire night was a ravers dream. The room I played in was just behind the castle facade that was facing the 405 freeway. The DJ booth just above the crowd and I remember vividly seeing the green lazers shooting across the freeway over the dancing crowd. It was amazing! The area I was djing was packed. There was great energy on the dance floor and great vibe everywhere else too. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, I had an opportunity to drop some classic tracks and also experiment with other music. I also was amazed at the amount of people that were there, we didn’t expect that many people, close to 2,000. This set the stage for the other events that followed in 1996 such as Weeble World at the hollywood soundstage and OPIUM-Visions of Shiva in Pomona.

For some reason the monitor in the DJ booth that night kept cutting off. I remember thinking “damn this is work tonight” … I was relying on my headphones for monitoring for the rest of the night. Nonetheless, it was still dope! – Xavier

Xavier – Live @ Opium Madame Butterfly (Side A)


Xavier – Live @ Opium Madame Butterfly (Side B)


Source: Xavier De Enciso