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Steve Loria – Live At Citrusonic (Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance)




It’s a holiday weekend, I’m still awake, so I figured why not post one more mix before calling a night!

“Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance”, was recorded in 1992 by Steve Loria at Citrusonic.

Steve Loria – Live At Citrusonic (Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance) (Side 1)


Steve Loria – Live At Citrusonic (Spiral Trance, The Lions Dance) (Side 2)


Tape Source: Mario Q.

Steve Loria – Deep Space


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Now back to the music…

This mixed tape by Steve Loria is from 1993 and was released at the same time as Chris Hyde’s – Milk & Cookies. The j-card designs for both Deep Space and Milk are my favorite of any mixed tapes. Thanks again to Chris for letting us know that Mike Messex did the artwork on these.

Steve Loria – Deep Space (Uno Side)


Steve Loria – Deep Space (Dos Side)


If you know any of the tracks in these mixes please post IDs in the comments.
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Steve Loria – Love Saved The Day

This is the first Milky Way mixed tape by Steve Loria. 60 minutes of amazing house music from one of LA’s favorite DJ’s. More Steve Loria mixes are available here.

I’m still working on compiling a track listing for this one. If you know any of the tracks please post them in the comments.

Steve Loria – House (Side A)


Steve Loria – House (Side B)


Update: This was actually Steve Loria’s FIRST mixed tape and was called “Love Saved The Day”.

Tape Source: Tef Foo

Steve Loria – Deep From Within



Music is the basis of all life
Without music we have no joy and no soul
It comes from your innermost
thoughts and emotion
Music is a celebration of life
Celebrate your life!

Deep From Within is a great mix of 1991 and 1992 house music from Steve Loria. Cover design by Fresh Jive / Raw Vibes. If you haven’t already done so, check out the other Steve Loria mixes we’ve put up.

Steve Loria – Deep From Within (Side Uno)


Steve Loria – Deep From Within (Side Dos)


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Instant Exposure – I Need A Little More – Emotive Records
Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On – Great Jones
Aly-Us – Follow Me – Strictly Rhythm
Danube Dance – Unique – TRIBAL America
The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. – It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day – Arista
Wag Ya Tail – Xpand Ya Mind – PWL Sanctuary
Hustlers Convention – The Groovers Delight EP – Stress Records

Tape Source: Tef Foo

Steve Loria – Chrome

Chrome, mixed by Steve Loria, was part of a series of tapes called “Let The Street Speak” released in conjunction with OM Laboratories and CPU101. The other tapes in the series, to my knowledge, included Chris Flores and Jon Williams.

Steve Loria – Chrome (Side A):


Steve Loria – Chrome (Side B):


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
L.A.M. – Hostile Bacteria
T.D.5. – Cosmic Tones
Audio Assault – Desire
Direckt – I Got Ya (Feeling)
Hedgehog Affair – Oh Wow What A Rush
Tribal Ghost – Paradise, Paradise
Bi-Face – Slo/Fast
Funky Junky – Rushin
Captain Scarlet – Attack Of The Mysterons

Tape Source: Tef Foo @ CPU101