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Aldo Bender – Happy Wednesdays

A classic mix by Los Angeles DJ Aldo Bender. This was a promo for a weekly club called Happy Wednesdays back in 1991/1992. Give a listen. If you like early 90’s techno and house you’re sure to enjoy this mix.

Aldo Bender – Happy Wednesdays (Side A):


Aldo Bender – Happy Wednesdays (Side B):


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
Space Trax – Atomic Playboy
Return Of The Living Acid – Get Funky!
Interface – The Toytown EP
Skin Up – Ivory
Tones Energy – Phantasm
Praga Khan – Injected With A Poison
The Shaman – Possible Worlds
MI 7 – Rockin’ Down The House
Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb It In