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Jason Blakemore – give.



Jason recently sent in a copy of his California Project tape, and included a bunch of other classic mixes along with it. The simply titled “give.”, recorded in 1997, is one of his most frequently requested mixtapes.

give. Lower case with a period. Was a cult classic tape when I first started playing house. Was a love it or hate it tape. People that supported my new style at the time loved it. I still get a lot of people requesting it digitalized and people saying it was their favorite mix etc. Released Around the time (97) people started having house djs play main stage at raves (aquarium, midnite sun, jujubeats etc). 96 was such an epic year, 97 sAw some changes. -jb

Jason Blakemore – Give (Side A)


Jason Blakemore – Give (Side B)


Tape Source: Jason Blakemore