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Thee-O – Planetary Rave Series


Thee-O’s Planetary Rave Series, was released in 1995, but also includes mixes from 1994. The following text is from the back cover of this incredible 4 tape box set release:

The year is 2007 (the distant future) and our orbit is complete. The interplanetary rave was a success. The Global Intelligence Agency and local governments thought it could not be done. They wanted to use our alien friends as experimental lab rats. We knew what would unite us all. It has united different cultures and colors for years, so why not different alien races? A huge mega rave spanning our solar system!

We started off on Venus and danced as the sun went down. A full moon guided us through our stop on Earth. On Mars we picked up steam and pranced around the huge mountain of speakers. Finally we arrived on Saturn, where the sun peeked through like a fireball amidst the orbiting rings.

Yes, it was a night to remember. It was the same as it ever was. It was our time and place. It was our destiny. Fly safely.

Thee-O – Sunset On Venus (Inside The Outside)


Thee-O – Sunset On Venus (Don’t Stare At The Sun)


Thee-O – Evening On Earth (Inside The Clear Blue)


Thee-O – Evening On Earth (Full Moon Maddness)


Thee-O – Midnight On Mars (Raving On The Red Planet)


Thee-O – Midnight On Mars (Will This Madness Ever End)


Thee-O – Sunrise On Saturn (The Sun Can Burn)


Thee-O – Sunrise On Saturn (The Sun Can Heal)


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Tape Source: DJ Thee-O and Ryan D

DJ Thee-O – Cybersex




This is the first mixtape from the Cybersex series by DJ Thee-O. Here’s what Thee-O had to say about this tape:

“Cybersex came out in October of 1993. That year was very much a transitional year of techno music. You had things going into different directions. Trance was starting to form and the breakbeat techno I was spinning was starting to mutate into drum n’ bass. At the time I was really getting to the new sounds that Warp Records was doing with their Artificial Intelligence series which includes artists as Black Dog Productions, Aphex Twin, B-12 and Autechre to name a few. At the same time R&S was doing a side label called Apollo that was also moving more into what today would be called IDM. I started getting into these sounds and decide to create a tape with these sounds. I am pretty happy about how it came as it was very different for the time. It is still one of my favorite mixes. I hope you enjoy.” – Thee-O

Thee-O – Cybersex (Foreplay Side)


Thee-O – Cybersex (Intercourse Side)


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