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DJ Dan – The California Project

DJ Dan “Live At Organic” and “Live”, from The California Project, is our fourth installment from this incredible mixtape box set. Two mixed tapes and three hours of funky techno, breakbeats and house music from an LA and SF favorite.

DJ Dan – Live At Organic (Side A)


DJ Dan – Live At Organic (Side B)


DJ Dan – Live (Side A)


DJ Dan – Live (Side B)


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
Pizzaman – DJ’s Delight #3 – Loaded Records
Fruit & Nuts – Pecan Groove – Clubtone Records
Disco Anthem – Scream – MCA Records
Dupree – Brass Disk – E Legal
Direct – Let It Ride – R & S Records
Rhythm Warfare – Two Notches – Strictly Rhythm
Destructo vs. Mar Co – Raindance (Remixes) – Destructo Records
Digital Domain – I Need Relief – Rabbit City Records
Johnny Vicious – Believe This – Vicious Muzik Records
The Crew – Get Dumb! (The Hip House Bonus Beats) – Vendetta Records
The Sounds of Silence – I Got The Rhythm

LuvDup – Goodtime – U.F.G
Lost Tribe – Gimme A Smile (Luvdup’s Sweet Alabama Mix) – Stress Records
Paradise Organisation – Prayer Tower – Cowboy Records
DJ Mink – Hey! Hey! Can U Relate (Sunshine Dub Instrumental) – Warp Records
Johnny Vicious – Stand Up – Vicious Muzik Records

Hed Boys – Girls & Boys – Seka Records
Hed Boys – Hed Boys Party – Seka Records
Deep Creed – Can U Feel It – Sorted Records
Level 42 – All Over You (Mother Slap ‘n’ Tickle Mix) – RCA
DJ Icee – Come On Dance – Zone Records

Bassbin Twins – A-1 Love – Bassbin Records
Dynamic Guv’nors – These Guys Are Doper Than Dope – Blapps! Records
Central Fire – This Is A Shout Going Out – Twitch Recordings
Progression – Reach Further – Sorted Records

If you know any of the tracks in these mixes please post IDs in the comments.
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