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DJ Thee-O – Cybersex




This is the first mixtape from the Cybersex series by DJ Thee-O. Here’s what Thee-O had to say about this tape:

“Cybersex came out in October of 1993. That year was very much a transitional year of techno music. You had things going into different directions. Trance was starting to form and the breakbeat techno I was spinning was starting to mutate into drum n’ bass. At the time I was really getting to the new sounds that Warp Records was doing with their Artificial Intelligence series which includes artists as Black Dog Productions, Aphex Twin, B-12 and Autechre to name a few. At the same time R&S was doing a side label called Apollo that was also moving more into what today would be called IDM. I started getting into these sounds and decide to create a tape with these sounds. I am pretty happy about how it came as it was very different for the time. It is still one of my favorite mixes. I hope you enjoy.” – Thee-O

Thee-O – Cybersex (Foreplay Side)


Thee-O – Cybersex (Intercourse Side)


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