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Aldo Bender – So Real

Acid and Breakbeat were by and large the sound of SF and LA in 1994/1995 and these next two mixes capture that sound fairly well. So Real, by Aldo Bender, finishes off this series of mixed tapes:
Aldo Bender – Happy Wednesdays
Aldo Bender – Too Stoned To Mix …
Aldo Bender – Conscious Trip

Aldo Bender – So Real (Side A):


Aldo Bender – So Real (Side B):


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
Yo-Yo Rodeo – Low Down Good Girl
John Debo – Uh-Yea
DJ Icee – Bonus Love
Violet – Burn The Elastic
Sugar – The Feeling
Planet Soul – Set U Free
DJ Icee – Beats-A-Rockin
Bassbin Twins – EP II (B2)
Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There? (Hardfloor Mix)
Real Touch Concept – Chunks Of Funk
Njoi – Bad Things (Josh Wink Remix)

If you know any of the tracks in these mixes please post IDs in the comments.
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Steve Loria – Chrome

Chrome, mixed by Steve Loria, was part of a series of tapes called “Let The Street Speak” released in conjunction with OM Laboratories and CPU101. The other tapes in the series, to my knowledge, included Chris Flores and Jon Williams.

Steve Loria – Chrome (Side A):


Steve Loria – Chrome (Side B):


Some of the tracks in these mixes:
L.A.M. – Hostile Bacteria
T.D.5. – Cosmic Tones
Audio Assault – Desire
Direckt – I Got Ya (Feeling)
Hedgehog Affair – Oh Wow What A Rush
Tribal Ghost – Paradise, Paradise
Bi-Face – Slo/Fast
Funky Junky – Rushin
Captain Scarlet – Attack Of The Mysterons

Tape Source: Tef Foo @ CPU101