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Barry Weaver – Trip Train


This mixed tape by Barry Weaver, from 1992, was released by The Milky Way Acid House Family (Mike Paris). I ran into Mike several years ago, he’s working in real estate, and he didn’t have any tapes saved unfortunately. These Milkyway rave tapes are pretty elusive now; so if anyone has any others, especially any of the Steve Loria tapes, please let me know.

Barry Weaver – Trip Train (Side A):


Barry Weaver – Trip Train (Side B):


Some of the tracks in this mix:
Master Techno – Capone Stage
2 Fabiola – The Milkyway
X-101 – Sonic Destroyer
Christian Jay Bolland – Mindwar
Tenaki – Infamia
World Dominance – Compression Remix
Venom – I Need Your Love
Timebase Feat. Kromozone – Fireball
Altern 8 – Frequency
Quartz – We Got Energy
The Lemon Heads – Frequency-One
The Pied Piper – Dreamers (Lucid Dream Mix)
World – Zultan
Digital Excitation – Dream Party
Mainx – 88 To Piano
ABC – (How To Be A) Millionaire (Accapella)
Baby Ford – In Your Blood
Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)
Fazer – Tekknological Crime
Intellect – Throw Your Hands Up
Energizer – Touch The Energy
Holy Noise Featuring The Global Insert Project – James Brown Is Still Alive
Interstellar Overdrive – Excited

Big thanks to DJMojo for his help filling in most of the gaps on the track list. If you’re able to fill in anymore please post them in the comments.

Barry Weaver – Live At Bassrush


This is the set Barry Weaver played for the first Bassrush in Los Angeles, on Saturday, February 23, 2002. It’s close to 1.5 hours of great acid, house, and techno from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Barry Weaver – Live At Bassrush:


Some of the tracks in this mix:
D Mob – We Call It Acieed
Armando – 100% Of Disin’ You
Steve Poindexter – Work That Mutha Fucker
808 State – Let Yourself Go
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
Cybersonik – Technarchy
Adonis – No Way Back
Phortune – Can You Feel The Bass
House Master Boyz – House Nation
West Bam – Monkey Say, Monkey Do
Da Juice – Hear The Angels
Orbital – Chime
Aphrohead – In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)
All In One – Mama’s Kick
Tones Energy – Phantasm