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Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #3




This is the third Acid Junky mixtape from the original three part series of mixes, recorded in 1994, by Josh McClintock.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #3 (Stairway To Heaven)


Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #3 (XXXXXXXX)


Side 1

The Trackmasters – Open Sesame
Gypsymen – Bounce
Dave Angel – Bounce back
Indo Tribe – Shrink
Edge Records -Vol. 1
Future Sounds of London – Innate
MKM – Native Dance Principle
Sound effects
Dave Angel – Jungle Love
Lazor Worshippers – LW Theme
Moody Blues – Days of Future Past
Little Green Men – Close Encounters

Side 2

Todd Terry – I’ll do Anything
Bobby Konders – Bad Boy Dance
Too Critical – Fingers in a trance
Prefab Sprout – If You Don’t Love Me
FSOL – Papau New Guinea
Altern 8 – Brutal 8
3 Man Jury – Digital Autopsy
Kinky Riba – Check it out
Raw – Kaos
BBR Streetgang – Funk it up

Source: Josh “Acid Junky” McClintock

Moonpup – Tekno For Tef’s Ears Only



A 100% Moonpup production, released in conjunction with The Milky Way Acid House Family in 1992.

Moonpup – Tekno For Tef’s Ears Only


Moonpup – James Brown Says Tekno’s Dead


Tape Source: Moonpup

Simon & Markie – Come-Unity III (1993)




San Francisco DJ’s Simon and Markie Mark are featured on this third tape, from a series of six, recorded at Come-Unity in 1993.

Simon / Markie – Come-Unity III (1993)


Markie – Come-Unity II (1993)


Tape Source: Mario Q.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #2




OK class… next up is Volume #2 in the Acid Junky series of mixtapes, by Josh McClintock, recorded in 1994.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #2 (Junky To Junky)


Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #2 (Fuzzy Logic)


Side 1

Hey Jude – White label
Original Rockers – Rockers to Rockers
Liberty City – Some Lovin
Bizarre Tracks – Sensory Delight
Jam and Spoon – Stella (FS mix)
E-Rection – Smoke my Dang a Lang
They Live Long – Angel Dust
Silver and Steel – General Roland’s Last Stand
The Gatorade’s – The Space Anthem

Side 2

Sasha – Seastorm Overture
Killer Faber – Bazooka
Yage – Fuzzy Logic
Felix da Housecat – Freakadelica
Frank De Wulf – Imagination
Anon – Alright
Sublime – Transamerican
Caucasion Boy – Spangle
Sasha – Seastorm Overture
Freaky Chakra – Halucifuge

Source: Josh McClintock

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #1




Josh McClintock (“Curious Josh”, “Joshua”, “Josh from NY”) started DJing in the summer of 1991 and was heavily influenced by Doc Martin, Jeno, and Barry Weaver. Known mostly these days for his acid house and oldschool house sets. This is the first in a series of three mixtapes that got him gigs at Unlock the House, Sketchpad, Metropolis, Groove Radio, and various other parties in Los Angeles and San Diego in the early nineties.

Acid Junky Vol. #1 was recorded in 1993, after Middle Earth had just ended. It was recorded in Newport Beach at Josh’s parents house, where many a crazy party was held, with good friends sharing a love for this music.

Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #1 (My Sound)


Josh McClintock – Acid Junky Vol. #1 (X-Paradise)



Gas – Particles – t:me
Sy Kick – The Journey – Not on Label
Vitamin HMC – Life Support System – Juice Records
Information Society – Going, Going, Gone – Tommy Boy Music
Outlander – Room To Move – TZ
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash – Transmat
Microbots – Cosmic Evolution – R & S Records
80 Aum – Future House – 80 Aum Records
Earth Leakage Trip – Strange – Rising High Records
Brides Make Acid – Flying Over Frankfurt – Outcast Clan

Transformation – Transform
Influx – Tiny Green Spots – Sapho
Hawke – 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden – Hardkiss
Sidetrax – In Your Heart – Gee Zone Records
United Space – Rise – Space Records
Hawke – 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden – Hardkiss
Dig The New Breed – Who’s No 1 – Cleveland City Records
? (Import..Black cover with yellow writing)
Transformer 2 – Pacific Symphony – Round And Round

Source: Josh McClintock