Steve Loria – Live At The Reign Of Ahknaten


We’re bringing it back with a bang!

This mix features Steve Loria – recorded live on February 15th, 1992 by The Milky Way Acid House Family – at a rave called Live At The Reign Of Ahknaten [sic].

DJ’s for this event were Mr. Kool-Aid, John Williams, Justin King, Steve Loria, Beej, Aldo Bender, Markem X, and Gary Blitz.

Source: Ronski G.

16 thoughts on “Steve Loria – Live At The Reign Of Ahknaten”

  1. Nice one! Maybe try adding tracks inline on the Soundcloud player? I might continue using it if people like that better than the way I was posting audio before.

  2. That’s a great idea! I’ll post here as well, for now… In fact, here’s what I got for side 1. =)

    Zero B – Lock up
    Brersoul – Truly Fantastic
    DJs Unite Vol. 1
    Nebula II – Seance (Remix)
    Elevation – Can You Feel It
    M & M feat Rachel Wallace – I Feel This Way
    2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
    Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out
    Low Noise Block – Rave In The Bedroom
    Break of Dawn Remix???
    Friends Of Alex – What is … Fick dich

  3. Alright, here’s side 2:

    House of God Remix
    Jambo – Drum Attack
    ??? Tribal House Beat Loop ???
    True Faith with Final Cut‎– Take Me Away (a capella?)
    Ralphi Rosario Featuring Xavier Gold* – You Used To Hold Me (A capella)
    Terrorize – It’s Just a Feeling
    Voice Of Rave ‎– The Voice Of Rave
    ??? I know I know this… can’t remember right now
    Doc scott – Surgery
    I.C.P.‎– Free & Equal
    Tones Energy – Phantasm
    Rabbit City #3
    All In one – Mama’s Kick

    Anyone want to take a stab at the unknown records?

  4. Excellent piece of Los Angeles Underground history right here! Plus it’s a Milky Way tape which gives it even more intrigue. The track on side 2 after Tones Energy is Astrospider – Synthetic Happiness…a Wonka Classic!!!

  5. Thank You , Thank You, I’ve been asking for this one for years.
    I had my entire “Milkyway” collection stolen out of my car and now I’ve almost got them all back…Thank You

  6. Mojo, Thank You for the list. You really know your tunes mang! This list was definitive of the era. L.A. Underground sound. Ahknaten was sik.

  7. Great MIxed Tape to add, it was an awesome event!!!
    who remembers the Flyer???
    it came attached with a very thin 7″ Vinyl record!!!!
    I still have that flyer/record!!! and I still play the 7″ record!!

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