17 thoughts on “Tony Largo – Live @ MAXX Vol.1”

  1. How about we get a tracklist going? Love these sounds. Sorry I don’t know your ID, Shaggy. It sounds real familiar.

    Side A ends with Gino Soccio “Dancer” followed by D.O. “Guilty Of Love” (not sure which mix though)…

  2. Nature Boy – sup man – yo thanks for ID that “Guilty of
    love.” No doubt I’ll be looking/pulling for it.

    Gotta ID that other track: @ 20:49 – can someone Shazzam it? My Vcast song ID did not obviously find it.

    Talk about getting lifted. Track is like a piece of Dali art for my eardrums. Track Transcends a House Nation.


  3. Side & Time: B-27:02
    Title: “Gonna Get Back To You”
    Artist: Maw & Co (ken lou 12 remx)
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/MAW-Company-Featuring-Xaviera-Gold-Gonna-Get-Back-To-You/master/141125

    Side & Time: A-29:00
    Album: Kinky Trax 2
    Title: “E.S.I.”
    Artist: Trans AM
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Trans-Am-The-Surveillance/master/15554

    Side & Time: A-35:20
    Title: “Dancer”
    Artist: Gino Soccio
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Gino-Soccio-Dancer-Dance-To-Dance/master/67547

    Side & Time: B-19:30
    Title: “Ride On The Rhythm”
    Artist: Little Louis Vega & Marc Anthony
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Little-Louie-Marc-Anthony-Ride-On-The-Rhythm/release/212454

  4. 20:49…..beautiful track from SF that didnt get as much love as it deserves. It’s Daisy Glow- Theme from Daisy Glow- Zoe Magik Records Glad I could hook Mr Shaggy up with “a piece of Dali art for his eardrums”!

  5. Thank you Josh – Of course you knew 8)

    That entire Sunday Park Album is amazing.

    Garage kings of L.A. – Tony Largo and Chris Flores.

    Need back that garage mix from Chris Flores (garage tape from 92)… That’s where he really shined….Lost my copy!

    Keeping it HoTT …

  6. side b is really doing it for me!! 35 mins in, these are all my old jams. I don’t know any of the artists or song titles. I was just a non stop dancer.

  7. Side B is unreal. I just felt I was transported to the coconut teaser. Still got
    goosebumps from hearing this. I’ve got a smile ear to ear.

  8. Listening to this tape takes me to one place ‘New York City’
    Tony Largo, a west coast DJ with an east coast DJ soul.
    Los Angeles, you truly have a gem within your midst.
    Dave Soto New York City. The Shelter Nightclub

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