17 thoughts on “Tony Largo – Live @ MAXX Vol.1”

  1. How about we get a tracklist going? Love these sounds. Sorry I don’t know your ID, Shaggy. It sounds real familiar.

    Side A ends with Gino Soccio “Dancer” followed by D.O. “Guilty Of Love” (not sure which mix though)…

  2. Nature Boy – sup man – yo thanks for ID that “Guilty of
    love.” No doubt I’ll be looking/pulling for it.

    Gotta ID that other track: @ 20:49 – can someone Shazzam it? My Vcast song ID did not obviously find it.

    Talk about getting lifted. Track is like a piece of Dali art for my eardrums. Track Transcends a House Nation.


  3. Side & Time: B-27:02
    Title: “Gonna Get Back To You”
    Artist: Maw & Co (ken lou 12 remx)
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/MAW-Company-Featuring-Xaviera-Gold-Gonna-Get-Back-To-You/master/141125

    Side & Time: A-29:00
    Album: Kinky Trax 2
    Title: “E.S.I.”
    Artist: Trans AM
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Trans-Am-The-Surveillance/master/15554

    Side & Time: A-35:20
    Title: “Dancer”
    Artist: Gino Soccio
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Gino-Soccio-Dancer-Dance-To-Dance/master/67547

    Side & Time: B-19:30
    Title: “Ride On The Rhythm”
    Artist: Little Louis Vega & Marc Anthony
    Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Little-Louie-Marc-Anthony-Ride-On-The-Rhythm/release/212454

  4. 20:49…..beautiful track from SF that didnt get as much love as it deserves. It’s Daisy Glow- Theme from Daisy Glow- Zoe Magik Records Glad I could hook Mr Shaggy up with “a piece of Dali art for his eardrums”!

  5. Thank you Josh – Of course you knew 8)

    That entire Sunday Park Album is amazing.

    Garage kings of L.A. – Tony Largo and Chris Flores.

    Need back that garage mix from Chris Flores (garage tape from 92)… That’s where he really shined….Lost my copy!

    Keeping it HoTT …

  6. I loved Sunday nights at Maxx. Can’t wait to give this a listen.

    Chris Flores!! I miss that guy

  7. side b is really doing it for me!! 35 mins in, these are all my old jams. I don’t know any of the artists or song titles. I was just a non stop dancer.

  8. Side B is unreal. I just felt I was transported to the coconut teaser. Still got
    goosebumps from hearing this. I’ve got a smile ear to ear.

  9. Anybody who knows me…Knows how much I LOVE Tony Largo ;) Thank you Tony for your friendship and the great Music over the years…YOU are always in my Heart….

  10. Listening to this tape takes me to one place ‘New York City’
    Tony Largo, a west coast DJ with an east coast DJ soul.
    Los Angeles, you truly have a gem within your midst.
    Dave Soto New York City. The Shelter Nightclub

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