Moonpup – Mike’s Kitchen (Tape 1)


Tasty beats for your feet, recorded live at Mike’s Kitchen by DJ Moonpup on Friday, November 13th, 1992. This is the first tape in a two tape set.

Moonpup – Mike’s Kitchen (Tape 1) (Side A)


Moonpup – Mike’s Kitchen (Tape 1) (Side B)


Source: Moonpup

6 thoughts on “Moonpup – Mike’s Kitchen (Tape 1)”

  1. after listening to it after 15 years, …….great tracks….Great concept……… messy mixing !!! Did like the backwards beatles #9 though !! GREAT party…. no one cared…. too many drugs but well received !!! every one was given a fee e a free a and multiple bags of skunk were freely handed around…. Talk about the good old days !! No wonder I can’t remember anything in 2011 !!! LOL !!

  2. Does anyone know who “did” the song “You’ve got me love dancing” at 41 minutes on side A? I have always lived that song and can’t find it.
    **I miss you Moon Pup, we were good friends back in 91-92!!!!

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