9 thoughts on “Ernie Munson – Naked”

  1. Talk about a classic sounds. Does anyone know the track on side B @ 42:20.


  2. I’m not sure. I have a completely separate tape, titled Nude, that opens similar to Side B of this one, but it has different tracks.

  3. Naked and Nude are 2 different but similar mixtapes Ernie made around the same time (93 or 94, I suspect).

  4. J – James might be right.

    I have a MP3 of a Ernie “NAKED” side A: that does not start with either of the intro posted above.

    It actually start with a girl repeating AHH AHH with a acid background.

    The Mystery Grows….


  5. This is definitely Naked. My boyfriend made a copy off the tape that Munson gave Tiga in ’94 and this is it!

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