59 thoughts on “PowerTools Mix Show (10-24-1992)”

  1. This would be a good read If any of u really knew what the hell u are talking about… no guest dj’s ever got paid to play on Power Tools. They were breakng down the doors to be on the show. Nothing ever stays underground… and the dj’s and artist wanted exposure so they could sell mixes and or tracks and get more gigs. It’s the music biz… people are in biz 2 make $… nothing wrong with that. It’s how we eat.

  2. Its this simple. Los Angeles had no electronic music radio outlets at that time unless you were in the scene and or a dj who bought vinyl. There was no mp3, internet, simifonik, soulseek etc. Mixtapes even were still fairly underground prior to the mid-90s. So…..like it or not, Powertools and Marsfm both played commercial shit. I used to record all powertools live on tapes cuz there was no other large variety of Los Angeles Djs & a few outer towners sets available, only cd compilations which were mainly europe style hardcore still. If you stayed up long enough till 3-4am ( yes powertools used to be on for more then 2 hours) they played a lot of underground acid, techno, & some random mixtapes that werent commercial. Dj Orlando, Thee-o, Trance frequently were on, live or by tape. Them dudes played nothing commercial….

    But agree, its all about the underground

  3. omg tony b is still around whats up dude! havent talked to you since the womina wells era 1996 and then you went to groove radio!. I remember you had a studio in pasadena. Hit me up if you still around Man powertools is what got me started late 1992 / 1993. :) hit me up via email or what ever dj_elusion@live [dot com]

  4. Sup Tony B!
    You don’t know me but we all know you from the day. Good point BTW! I always appreciated Power Tools. Hope your post groove radio days still keeping food on the table. (on a side note the only time I’ve ever won anything was from Groove Radio when the Swedish Eagle gave me a TV for commenting online about something. Think I used it till just a couple of years ago. Too funny.

  5. I have so much to say but why? Let music do what it do make people feel good groove on everybody

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  7. Guys I’m a big time house fanatic from back in the day. Can any of you gurus help? Looking for DJ Orlando very rare powertools Hardcore techno mix. I know poertools always had house but a few times they let DJ Orlando bust out some hardcore. It had the song “phat guitar”. Love that shit! Sup Tony b, Womina. Miss my good old “Dome” days.

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