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  1. Nice! this is a rare classic tape from e-zone one of my favorite dj’s from that time.I believe this was the demo for the shivas erotic banquet party @the casa which went off proper.We got a copy of this from Julio of savage house prod. i lost mine,,good lookin out J Splat for holding onto yours and Simfonik for putting this up.

  2. Yeah man he’s on fire on that A-side @ 14:52.
    The B-side Is rougher.

  3. Who remembers Shivas?! Who could forget it. One of the wildest parties I ever been to. It definetely stands alone. Thanks for the upload.

  4. What is the intro on the A side from. Hearing that jarred these crazy childhood memories. That was from some story record I had as a kid. Wild.

  5. Sweet to see this got uploaded. It was one of my favorite techno tapes.
    Thanks for the back story Frank, I forgot where the tape came from, doh!

    Shivas was amazing, The Casa never went off that hard again IMO. Timothy Leary upstairs was surreal.

    Julio from Savage House was a supercool dude, I wonder what became of him?

    Anyways Jason- I got a ton more old tapes off that list I sent, let me know if you want me to digitize some more.

  6. Shiva’s was epic but Aphrodites Temple had the real live love vibe so thick you had to swim through it. Doc Martin, Ron D Core, a little known dj by the name of DJ Dan, and a random assortment of others, even E-zone. Does shit go off like that any more? I had an E-Zone tape that was my favorite for 7 years (when the tape broke) Wow thanks for bringing me back, This shit kills me.

  7. So good to hear these songs again. E-zone definatley has some trax on this mix that don’t show up again. Mixing is Faboo for it’s time too! RspKT!

  8. God this tape is amazing. I listened to it today on the bus ride to work. Really makes me wish I was born earlier than I was…

  9. Julio? Julio Quinteros? i went to high school with his younger bro who started my trip with techno music. help: been looking for a british dnb mix-uses sound bite from the shining when jack advances on shelley character saying ‘im not gonna hurt you, im just gonna bash your brains in’, shelley saying ‘no, no’. that mix is ape.

  10. really excited to listen to these – ezone was a favorite – he was a friend at UCLA! spend many important evenings at citrusonic….thanks for this!!!

  11. I missed Shivas but I do remember Aphrodites at the Masonic Loge in Long Beach. Leary was greeting ppl at the door. That dance floor was thick! I still remember Helen throwing promos out into the crowd while Ron was spinning!

  12. Pearl, I remember Eric juggling his party & school life too! Used to come to our after parties where nobody left in study condition lol! Anyone here remember the party at The Citadel? Cant recall the name. Nice outdoor venue though.

  13. I believe that party was called LOVE Hans..still cant believe they threw a party there…crazy. The lineup was Doc and Jeno.I believe it was one of Jeno’s first trips down to L.A. Fantastic party!

  14. Aphrodite’s at the Masonic Lodge in Long Beach was epic and I had my biggest trip ever that night. I came with the nitrous vendors in the reggae room…. I saw the air bumping with the bass. Burned in my brain forever.

  15. Speaking of Ron… still going strong. My first mixtape of his was Hot Lemonade. I think it was 91. “Jack of Clubs!!!”

    Anyone remember that? I’m gonna call him at the shoppe this week and see if he has it digitized on mp3.

  16. I contributed 3 of the 4 Hot Lemonade Tapes to this site. Including the one with the “Jack of Clubs”. After a couple weeks Ron got pissed and demanded them to be taken down. He promised that he would put them up on his own site but never did. Sucks. They were sloppy sure…but historic nonetheless. Among the first tapes I brought home with me along with “Acid Hits” and the “Milky Way” tapes.

  17. That’s too bad about Hot Lemonade. Yeah. They were raw tapes. Maybe he wants to be known for something other than “we all start somewhere.” They are part of history, however.

    Ron, i know you’re reading this. Let it fly, man!

    Josh, thanks for being such a consistent participant on this forum, advocate for the scene, and terrific DJ.


  18. Thanks Hans!! I got big respect for Ron. Just wished he would have left his recordings on this site alone. He had a lot of fans that were enjoying them.

  19. Agreed… I chased that tape (my first introduction to dj mixtapes in 1991) for 20+ years before Josh submitted it! Glad I was able to grab them before he pulled them down.

  20. I was the sound tech for Psychic TV at Shiva’s Erotic Banquet. Hottest rave ever. Sweat dripping from everything. A week later the Rodney King incident happened near the warehouse where Shiva’s was held and the riots started right there too. I often think how lucky we were that the rave wasn’t a week later.

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