Thee-O – The MARA Project




The MARA Project, by DJ Thee-O. Mental Awareness Reveals Ambiance.

This tape was conceived because my love for music and a very special girl. I hope you listen to this with open ears as well as an open mind. This tape is not for you young technoheads out there, but more for the mature listeners of today’s electronic music.

Thee-O – The MARA Project (Relax)


Thee-O – The MARA Project (Sleep)


Tape Source: Thee-O

3 thoughts on “Thee-O – The MARA Project”

  1. This one is a mythical and historical mix. I can really go places in my mind with this one. Second fav next to Sun Set On Venus. I have yet to hear their equal?! Thee-o, you rock man! All this said with an d open ears and an open mind…..

  2. Sweet! Missed out on this one. My friend got #2 and I got the double pack with 3 & 4, but lost #4, hopefully someone gets that one up. I remember the b-side to #4 being REALLY weird!

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