13 thoughts on “R.A.W. & DJ Trance – Libra Mindstate”

  1. I’ve only heard fantastic tales from days of yore about this one. Brad’s Gar-lounge will be in a Libra Mindstate tonight.

  2. So glad to hear people enjoying this mix, I kept it all these years and still enjoy it today, awesome times and great DJ’s as well!!!

  3. listening to the dj trance side atm….shit’s crazy good….attempt at a track list, anyone? :-D

  4. RT: “attempt at a track list, anyone?”
    I seriously couldn’t even attempt it. RAW used to come over and we would watch the first Ace Ventura over and over and record and record for days…. not even sure what these records are??? ahhhhhh the 90z

  5. A could you possibly post up some more R.A.W mixxes Distorted dreamz i have not heard in prob 6 or more yrs. & have never heard the subzero mixx at all!!! Thanks G i’d greatly appreciate it i love the service you are providing it means alot 2 me!!!!! P.L.U.R

  6. So glad this mix tape is still on this site, I played it the other night on the drive from Malibu back to Los Angeles, nice coastline drive with this mix bumping in my car. Brought back some awesome memories….

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